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Norman David Eansor, President Biosciences Division

Contributor Name:Norman David Eansor
City:Englewood, CO 80112
Employer:Thermo Fisher Scientific
Occupation:President Biosciences Division
Transaction Date:8252011
Transaction Amount:$2,500
Amendment Indicator:New
Transaction Type:Contribution
Entity Type:Individual (a person)
Primary-General Indicator:
Contribute to Comittee:Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Pac
Last Update:Sep 2, 2012

Norman David Eansor , President Biosciences Division(Thermo Fisher Scientific) from Englewood, CO 80112, made just one political contribution for election campaigns in current election year. The contribution amount was $2,500, and the contribution date was 8252011. The political committee received the campaign contribution was Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Pac. Norman David Eansor, working for Thermo Fisher Scientific, is President Biosciences Division.

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