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Political Candidates in Arizona

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of Arizona.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Grantham, Travis W.House Republican Party 9Open Seat
2Schandlbauer, Leah CamposHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
3Bushman, David OrvilHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
4Stanley, DanHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
5Sepulveda, Martin CHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
6Cherny, AndreiHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
7Rogers, WendyHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
8Schapira, DavidHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
9Sinema, KyrstenHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
10Parker, VernonHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
11Thompson, Robert JeffreyHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
12Borowsky, LisaHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
13Sitton, DaveHouse Republican Party 8Open Seat
14Hansen, AdamHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
15Franks, TrentHouse Republican Party 8Incumbent
16Scharer, Gene PaulHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
17Miller, Brian AllanHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
18Lervold, John DavidHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
19Dolgos, StephenHouse OTH 8Open Seat
20Passalacqua, TonyHouse Republican Party 8Open Seat
21Hack, HelmuthHouse Republican Party 8Open Seat
22Manolakis, CharlieHouse GRE 8Challenger
23Tidball, Derek WilliamHouse Independent 8Challenger
24Giffords, GabrielleHouse Democratic Party 8Incumbent
25Fistler, Scott MichaelHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
26Scileppi, Christopher LegrandeHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
27Pastor, Ed LHouse Democratic Party 7Incumbent
28Penalosa, JoseHouse Independent 7Challenger
29Meyer, Harley DeanHouse Independent 7Challenger
30Cobb, JoeHouse Libertarian Party 7Challenger
31Mcclung, Ruth CrawfordHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
32Myers, Terry LonHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
33Flowers, Christopher JohnHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
34Flake, Jeff Mr.House Republican Party 6Incumbent
35Quayle, BenHouse Republican Party 6Incumbent
36Smith, Jeffrey WHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
37Wilson, Peter BHouse GRE 6Challenger
38Williamson, W JohnHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
39Anderson, JackHouse Libertarian Party 6Open Seat
40Jette, Matthew THouse Democratic Party 6Open Seat
41Gray, ChuckHouse Republican Party 6Open Seat
42Schweikert, DavidHouse Republican Party 6Incumbent
43Bergren, ScottHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
44Schneider, RebeccaHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
45Kelsey, Easton ClintHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
46Smith, Susan BitterHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
47Salmon, MattHouse Republican Party 5Open Seat
48Adams, Kirk DavidHouse Republican Party 5Open Seat
49Morgan, Spencer CollinsHouse Democratic Party 5Challenger
50Hill, Jonathon RyanHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
51Spinks, Mark VincentHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
52Salvino, ChrisHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
53Wnuck, EricHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
54Ward, JimHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
55Gentry, Lee AdamHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
56Mitchell, Harry E.House Democratic Party 5Challenger
57Gosar, Paul AnthonyHouse Republican Party 4Incumbent
58Contreras, Janet LHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
59Hill, BrianHouse Independent 4Challenger
60Pamelia, JoeHouse Libertarian Party 4Challenger
61Hernan, MichaelHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
62Robinson, Johnnie ElbertHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
63Weisser, Mikel LHouse Democratic Party 4Open Seat
64Gould, RonHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
65Babeu, Paul RaymondHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
66Winters, JustinHouse Independent 4Challenger
67Murphy, RickHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
68Dewitt, RebeccaHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
69Shadegg, John B.House Republican Party 3Challenger
70Grijalva, Raul MHouse Democratic Party 3Incumbent
71Guerra, Blanca AHouse Libertarian Party 3Challenger
72Aguirre, AmandaHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
73Alegria, Samuel Young JrHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
74Arreguin, Juan ManuelHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
75Morris, Paulina VasquezHouse Republican Party 3Open Seat
76Gorman, Pamela DianeHouse Republican Party 3Open Seat
77Baker, ScottHouse Republican Party 3Open Seat
78Scott, Brian AlanHouse Independent 3Open Seat
79Moak, Steven CarlHouse Republican Party 3Open Seat
80Branch, Robert AllenHouse Republican Party 3Open Seat
81Hulburd, JonHouse Democratic Party 3Open Seat
82Crowe, DavidHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
83Jenna, Russell Walker IiiHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
84Farley, SteveHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
85Aboud, Paula AnnHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
86Kelly, JesseHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
87Black, Charles RolandHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
88Koskiniemi, Mark StephenHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
89Mcsally, Martha EHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
90Barber, RonaldHouse Democratic Party 2Open Seat
91Konst, NomikiHouse Democratic Party 2Open Seat
92Heinz, Matthew GeraldHouse Democratic Party 2Open Seat
93Collins, Michael Francis IiiHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
94Crum, William StephenHouse GRE 2Challenger
95Stump, BobHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
96Antenori, Frank RonaldHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
97Prowell, Anthony GeneHouse GRE 1Challenger
98Paton, JonathanHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
99Gatti, PatrickHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
100Martin, GaitherHouse Republican Party 1Challenger

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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