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Political Candidates in Colorado

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of Colorado.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Campbell, Douglas 'Dayhorse'House OTH 7Challenger
2Ball, Matthew ChristianHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
3Coors, Joseph JrHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
4Perlmutter, Edwin GHouse Democratic Party 7Incumbent
5Childs, Steven LeeHouse GRE 7Challenger
6Sias, Langhorne CHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
7Sheely, Michel LHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
8Frazier, Ryan LHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
9Campbell, Brian T SrHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
10Haney, PerryHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
11Mcnealy, Robert LeeHouse Libertarian Party 6Challenger
12Flerlage, JohnHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
13Canter, DavidHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
14Castellanes, Pepito LHouse Republican Party 6Open Seat
15Harvey, TedHouse Republican Party 6Open Seat
16Armstrong, William L IiiHouse Republican Party 6Open Seat
17Coffman, MichaelHouse Republican Party 6Incumbent
18Polhemus, Kathy LHouse Independent 6Challenger
19Degraffenried, John TaylorHouse Independent 6Challenger
20Miklosi, JoeHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
21Harvell, Kenneth RHouse OTH 5Challenger
22Blaha, Robert BHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
23Bergeron, Douglas KevinHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
24Evans Iii, Robert EugeneHouse Democratic Party 5Challenger
25Anderson, David CHouse NNE 5Challenger
26Lamborn, DouglasHouse Republican Party 5Incumbent
27Crank, JeffHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
28Markey, BetsyHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
29Aden, DougHouse OTH 4Challenger
30Gardner, CoryHouse Republican Party 4Incumbent
31Lucero, Thomas JosephHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
32Gilliland, Joshua LHouse Libertarian Party 4Challenger
33Shaffer, BrandonHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
34Brown, DiggsHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
35Salazar, John Tony Mr.House Democratic Party 3Challenger
36Mcmillan, JaimeHouse Unknown 3Challenger
37Reed, Dale FHouse Unknown 3Challenger
38Kent, GaylonHouse Libertarian Party 3Challenger
39Casida, Tisha TrinetteHouse Unknown 3Challenger
40Pace, Salvatore IiHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
41Mcinnis, ScottHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
42Gilman, GregoryHouse Libertarian Party 3Challenger
43Segrest, JakeHouse Independent 3Challenger
44Mcconnell, Robert MHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
45Tipton, Scott R.House Republican Party 3Incumbent
46Polis, JaredHouse Democratic Party 2Incumbent
47Udall, Mark E.House Democratic Party 2Challenger
48Brancato, BobHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
49Bailey, StephenHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
50Lundberg, KevinHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
51Weissmann, Eric AHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
52Standley, Kelly DHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
53Fallon, Michael PeterHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
54Murphy, Richard WHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
55Stroud, Danny EHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
56Jones, Clinton DouglasHouse Libertarian Party 1Challenger
57Styskal, Christopher ThomasHouse CST 1Challenger
58Degette, Diana L.House Democratic Party 1Incumbent
59Schroeder, PatriciaHouse Democratic Party 1Challenger
60Moats, Steve KentPresident Republican Party 0Challenger
61Lanser, JerryPresident Republican Party 0Challenger
62Harris, Richard FrancisPresident Republican Party 0Challenger
63O'Neill, Paul RobertPresident NNE 0Challenger
64Lowry, Robert FPresident Republican Party 0Challenger
65Beadles, William DavidPresident CIT 0Open Seat
66Barnett, Daniel JamesPresident Republican Party 0Open Seat
67Campbell, Ben NighthorseSenate Republican Party 0Challenger
68Greenheck, Robert RoySenate Republican Party 0Challenger
69Schaffer, Robert WSenate Republican Party 0Open Seat
70Salazar, KenSenate Democratic Party 0Challenger
71Udall, Mark ESenate Democratic Party 0Incumbent
72Martinez, Vincent EdwardSenate Republican Party 0Challenger
73Davis, L John JrPresident Republican Party 0Challenger
74Rundberg, Jim LennartPresident Republican Party 0Challenger
75Napolitano, Jason AndrewSenate Independent 0Challenger
76Wiens, Thomas JSenate Republican Party 0Challenger
77Norton, Jane BergmanSenate Republican Party 0Challenger
78Romanoff, AndrewSenate Democratic Party 0Challenger
79Buck, Kenneth RSenate Republican Party 0Challenger
80Frazier, Ryan LSenate Republican Party 0Challenger
81Bennet, Michael FSenate Democratic Party 0Incumbent

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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