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Political Candidates in Florida

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of Florida.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Yevancey, MannyHouse Democratic Party 27Challenger
2Cruz-Wiggins , Thomas JoeHouse NNE 27Challenger
3Ros-Lehtinen, IleanaHouse Republican Party 27Incumbent
4Garcia, JoeHouse Democratic Party 26Challenger
5Rivera, DavidHouse Republican Party 26Incumbent
6Diebel, KarenHouse Republican Party 26Challenger
7Sternad, Justin LamarHouse Democratic Party 26Challenger
8Borgstrom, Erik TylerHouse Republican Party 26Challenger
9Walker, Douglas GHouse Republican Party 26Challenger
10Roses, Gloria RomeroHouse Democratic Party 26Challenger
11Marin, GustavoHouse Democratic Party 26Challenger
12Garcia, JoeHouse Democratic Party 26Challenger
13Fernandez, AngelHouse NNE 26Challenger
14Peixoto, Jose FHouse NNE 26Challenger
15Arrojo, Jose RolanndoHouse Democratic Party 25Open Seat
16Meurice, LuisHouse Democratic Party 25Open Seat
17Crespo, Paul LHouse Republican Party 25Open Seat
18Porter, CraigHouse OTH 25Open Seat
19Rivera, Luis AntonioHouse Democratic Party 25Open Seat
20Gonzalez, EddieHouse NNE 25Challenger
21Diaz-Balart, MarioHouse Republican Party 25Incumbent
22Garcia, Luis R JrHouse Democratic Party 25Challenger
23Vote For Eddie. ComHouse NNE 25Challenger
24Blumenthal, StanleyHouse OTH 25Challenger
25Long, Ometrias DeonHouse Republican Party 24Challenger
26Davis, Jason PHouse Republican Party 24Challenger
27Sinclair, LarryHouse Unknown 24Challenger
28Heinzelman, James P SrHouse Republican Party 24Challenger
29Ross, BenHouse Republican Party 24Challenger
30Dedelow, Edward WHouse Republican Party 24Challenger
31Garcia, George ThomasHouse Republican Party 24Challenger
32Feeney, TomHouse Republican Party 24Challenger
33Bhola, Gaurav ''Garv''House Democratic Party 24Challenger
34Kosmas, SuzanneHouse Democratic Party 24Challenger
35Wilson, Frederica SHouse Democratic Party 24Incumbent
36Moise, RudolphHouse Democratic Party 24Challenger
37Garcia, Juan ElielHouse Republican Party 23Challenger
38Bresso, GineenHouse Republican Party 23Challenger
39Pulles, Margaret RoseHouse Republican Party 23Challenger
40Defaria, OzzieHouse Republican Party 23Challenger
41Katz, IiyaHouse NNE 23Challenger
42Kaufman, JoeHouse Republican Party 23Challenger
43Schultz, Debbie WassermanHouse Democratic Party 23Incumbent
44Thorpe, Marion Dennis Jr DrHouse Republican Party 23Challenger
45Harrington, KarenHouse Republican Party 23Challenger
46Sansaricq, BernardHouse Republican Party 23Challenger
47Hasner, AdamHouse Republican Party 22Challenger
48Jacobs, KristinHouse Democratic Party 22Challenger
49Frankel, Lois JHouse Democratic Party 22Challenger
50Blass, Piotr DrHouse NNE 22Challenger
51Klein, RonHouse Democratic Party 22Challenger
52Harvilla, Shannon RichardHouse Democratic Party 21Challenger
53Trout, W. Michael "mike"House NNE 21Challenger
54Diaz-Balart, LincolnHouse Republican Party 21Challenger
55Henao, CesarHouse NNE 21Challenger
56Santoro, DeanHouse Republican Party 21Challenger
57Allbritton, RichardHouse Democratic Party 21Challenger
58Deutch, Theodore EliotHouse Democratic Party 21Incumbent
59Dutrow, Anthony M.House Unknown 20Challenger
60Deutsch, Peter RHouse Democratic Party 20Challenger
61Defaria, Osvaldo JrHouse Republican Party 20Challenger
62Goldner, JoeHouse Republican Party 20Challenger
63Lowry, Robert PaulHouse Republican Party 20Challenger
64Schock, Clayton JamesHouse OTH 20Challenger
65Kunst, RobertHouse NNE 20Challenger
66Milo, Donna EHouse Republican Party 20Challenger
67Roach, James LloydHouse Democratic Party 19Open Seat
68Smilan, Stanley SHouse NNE 19Challenger
69Kreegel, Paige VanierHouse Republican Party 19Open Seat
70Davidow, Joseph AsherHouse Republican Party 19Open Seat
71Aubuchon, GaryHouse Republican Party 19Open Seat
72Goss, Chauncey Porter Mr. IiHouse Republican Party 19Open Seat
73Radel, Henry J. IiiHouse Republican Party 19Open Seat
74Trujillo, Anna MarieHouse Republican Party 19Open Seat
75Smith , Brandon M.House NNE 19Open Seat
76Lynch, Edward JHouse Republican Party 19Open Seat
77Barnard, LeeHouse Independent 19Challenger
78Wexler, RobertHouse Democratic Party 19Challenger
79Graber, BenjaminHouse Democratic Party 19Open Seat
80Price, CurtHouse Republican Party 19Open Seat
81Budd, Joseph EHouse Unknown 19Challenger
82Buechler, Jerry LeeHouse Democratic Party 18Challenger
83Murphy, PatrickHouse Democratic Party 18Challenger
84Crowder, Robert LHouse Republican Party 18Challenger
85Holloman,Marilyn DavisHouse Democratic Party 18Challenger
86Taddeo, AnnetteHouse Democratic Party 18Challenger
87West, Allen B Mr.House Republican Party 18Incumbent
88Horn, JimHouse Democratic Party 18Challenger
89Banciella, Rolando AHouse Democratic Party 18Challenger
90Arnold, JoeHouse Republican Party 17Challenger
91Meek, Kenrick BHouse Democratic Party 17Challenger
92Rooney , TimHouse Republican Party 17Challenger
93Baumann, TomHouse Unknown 17Challenger
94Rooney, TomHouse Republican Party 17Incumbent
95Neree, DufirstsonHouse Democratic Party 17Challenger
96Williams, Andre LewisHouse Democratic Party 17Open Seat
97Roberson, YollyHouse Democratic Party 17Open Seat
98Bastien, Marleine MHouse Democratic Party 17Open Seat
99Brutus, Phillip JHouse Democratic Party 17Open Seat
100Gibson, ShirleyHouse Democratic Party 17Open Seat

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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