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Political Candidates in Georgia

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of Georgia.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Arrington, Randall Steven PhdHouse Republican Party 53Challenger
2Graves, John Thomas Mr. Jr.House Republican Party 14Incumbent
3Grant, Daniel FrankHouse Democratic Party 14Challenger
4Malik, Shahid HamidHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
5Scott, David AlbertHouse Democratic Party 13Incumbent
6Crane, Michael RobertHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
7Frisbee, Michael AHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
8Sleeper, SonjaHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
9Worley, David JamesHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
10Honeycutt, Deborah TravisHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
11Parchment, Rupert GordonHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
12Dudek, Hank RichardHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
13Murphy, MikeHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
14Thomas, Regina DHouse Democratic Party 12Challenger
15Mckinney, Raymond Louis SrHouse Republican Party 12Challenger
16Stone, John Erwin IiHouse Republican Party 12Challenger
17Seaver, Jean MarieHouse Republican Party 12Challenger
18Smith, Lawton Carlos JrHouse Republican Party 12Challenger
19Sheffield, MariaHouse Republican Party 12Challenger
20Nafarrete, Brian Albert ApostolHouse Republican Party 12Challenger
21Allen, Richard WHouse Republican Party 12Challenger
22Mcleod, Daniel WrightHouse Republican Party 12Challenger
23Anderson, Lee IveyHouse Republican Party 12Challenger
24Burns, O MaxieHouse Republican Party 12Challenger
25Barrow, John J.House Democratic Party 12Incumbent
26Thompson, John PatrickHouse Democratic Party 11Challenger
27Llop, WilliamHouse Republican Party 11Challenger
28Levene, AllanHouse Republican Party 11Challenger
29Opitz, MichaelHouse Republican Party 11Challenger
30Gingrey, J. PhillipHouse Republican Party 11Incumbent
31Gammon Jr, Hugh HendersonHouse Democratic Party 11Challenger
32Mason, James PaulHouse Independent 10Challenger
33Underwood, Erik MonroeHouse Republican Party 10Challenger
34Greene, William LawrenceHouse Republican Party 10Challenger
35Broun, Paul CollinsHouse Republican Party 10Incumbent
36Whitehead, James Leslie SrHouse Republican Party 10Challenger
37Untermyer, Samuel Iii 'sandy'House Democratic Party 10Challenger
38Simpson, Stephen KHouse Republican Party 10Challenger
39Cooley, Joseph Dillard Iii (Jody)House Democratic Party 9Challenger
40Stephens, Keyantlson DeshaunHouse CIT 9Challenger
41Mcduffie, Clifton SteedHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
42Fitzpatrick, Roger DaleHouse Independent 9Challenger
43Bicknell, HunterHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
44Collins, Douglas AllenHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
45Zoller, Martha MitchellHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
46Cates, Christopher U MdHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
47Reese, Bobby CliffordHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
48Dooley, Thomas EugeneHouse Republican Party 9Open Seat
49Loftman, Bertil ArminHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
50Tarvin, Thomas StephenHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
51Hawkins, B LeeHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
52Moon, Edward ''Eugene''House Independent 9Open Seat
53Jones, Jeremy EdwardHouse Republican Party 9Open Seat
54Scott, JeffHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
55Goddard, Richard NeilHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
56Marshall, JimHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
57Scott, James AustinHouse Republican Party 8Incumbent
58Meyers, Valerie SargentHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
59Rish, William PaulHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
60Linder, JohnHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
61Parrott, Thomas SHouse Republican Party 7Open Seat
62Kirby, Lester ThomasHouse Republican Party 7Open Seat
63Efstration, ChuckHouse Republican Party 7Open Seat
64Malone, William F JrHouse Republican Party 7Open Seat
65Woodall, RobHouse Unknown 7Incumbent
66Hice, Jody B MrHouse Republican Party 7Open Seat
67Cox, John Clayton 'Clay'House Republican Party 7Open Seat
68Hancock, DavidHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
69Hancock, DavidHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
70Reilly, Steven MHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
71Perras, Nelson DavidHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
72Lightfoot, Gary NeilHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
73Kazanow, Jeffrey HHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
74Montigel, Robert GHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
75Hecht, Wayne MichaelHouse Independent 6Challenger
76Price, Thomas EdmundsHouse Republican Party 6Incumbent
77Stopeck, HowardHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
78Johnson, Michael DarrellHouse Democratic Party 5Challenger
79Little, Samuel Fenn JrHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
80Lewis, John R.House Democratic Party 5Incumbent
81Stokes, Connie Jean MsHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
82Armendariz, VictorHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
83Ruth, Cory JeromeHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
84Jones, Vernon AHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
85Carter, Lisbeth 'Liz'House Republican Party 4Challenger
86Mckinney, CynthiaHouse GRN 4Challenger
87Nunnally, Lincoln GarnettHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
88Dillard, Courtney L SrHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
89Pallen, Gregory ThomasHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
90Vaughn, Jeffery ChrisHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
91Davis, CatherineHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
92Johnson, Henry C 'Hank'House Democratic Party 4Incumbent
93Kingsley, Kent EastonHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
94Saunders, Robert Franklin IiiHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
95Westmoreland, Lynn A.House Republican Party 3Incumbent
96Flanegan, Charles Edward JrHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
97Ferrell, Lee R IiHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
98Deloach, Kenneth Ray JrHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
99Allen, RickHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
100Adams, Rhuedolph 'Rudy'House Republican Party 2Challenger

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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