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Political Candidates in Illinois

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of Illinois.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Mcmenamin, Joseph EHouse Democratic Party 19Challenger
2Davis, Daniel PaulHouse Democratic Party 19Challenger
3Bagwell, Timothy ClarkeHouse Democratic Party 19Challenger
4Rothert, Anthony EHouse Democratic Party 19Challenger
5Miller, DarrelHouse Republican Party 18Challenger
6Schafer, SheldonHouse GRE 18Challenger
7Schock, Aaron Jon Mr.House Republican Party 18Incumbent
8Hirner, Deidre 'Dk'House Democratic Party 18Challenger
9Ray, Carl DouglasHouse Democratic Party 18Challenger
10Woodmancy, MatthewHouse Democratic Party 18Challenger
11Waterworth, SteveHouse Democratic Party 18Open Seat
12Schilling, Robert T.House Republican Party 17Incumbent
13Gaulrapp, George WalterHouse Democratic Party 17Challenger
14Koehler, David MHouse Democratic Party 17Challenger
15Bustos, CheriHouse Democratic Party 17Challenger
16Reyes, Eric StevenHouse Democratic Party 17Challenger
17Aguilar, Gregorio MiguelHouse Democratic Party 17Challenger
18Zinga, AndreaHouse Republican Party 17Open Seat
19Hare, Philip GHouse Democratic Party 17Challenger
20Boland, MikeHouse Democratic Party 17Challenger
21Kinzinger, AdamHouse Republican Party 16Incumbent
22Abboud, RobertHouse Democratic Party 16Challenger
23Manzullo, Donald A.House Republican Party 16Incumbent
24Bojovic, BroncoHouse Independent 16Challenger
25Rohl, WandaHouse Democratic Party 16Challenger
26Michael, Angela AnneHouse Democratic Party 15Challenger
27Ewing, Thomas WHouse Republican Party 15Challenger
28Spradlin, Samuel ThomasHouse Republican Party 15Challenger
29Shimkus, John MHouse Republican Party 15Incumbent
30Farnick, JonathanHouse Democratic Party 14Challenger
31Purcell, James (Jim)House Republican Party 14Challenger
32Hultgren, RandyHouse Republican Party 14Incumbent
33Hastert, Ethan AllenHouse Republican Party 14Challenger
34Serra, JoeHouse Democratic Party 14Open Seat
35Lauzen, ChrisHouse Republican Party 14Open Seat
36Lavia, Linda ChapaHouse Democratic Party 14Open Seat
37Anderson, DennisHouse Democratic Party 14Challenger
38Davis, RodneyHouse Republican Party 13Open Seat
39Clarke, JeromeHouse Republican Party 13Open Seat
40Metzger, Frank LHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
41Goetten, Matthew JHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
42Alesch, Steven JHouse GRE 13Challenger
43Firsching, MichaelHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
44Johnson, Timothy VHouse Republican Party 13Incumbent
45Knapp, TheodoreHouse Independent 13Challenger
46O'Kane, Sean ThomasHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
47Harper, ScottHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
48Gill, David MichaelHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
49Hoffman, Jay CHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
50Newman, TeriHouse Republican Party 12Open Seat
51Kormos, TheresaHouse Republican Party 12Open Seat
52Costello, Jerry FHouse Democratic Party 12Incumbent
53Wiezer, Kenneth Charles "bud"House Democratic Party 12Open Seat
54Cook, RodgerHouse Republican Party 12Open Seat
55Plummer, JasonHouse Republican Party 12Open Seat
56Miller, Christopher MartinHouse Democratic Party 12Open Seat
57Harriman, Brad JHouse Democratic Party 12Open Seat
58Enyart, William L JrHouse Democratic Party 12Open Seat
59Bradshaw, PaulaHouse GRN 12Open Seat
60Foster, G. William (Bill)House Democratic Party 11Challenger
61Biggert, JudyHouse Republican Party 11Incumbent
62Mcaloon, DavidHouse Republican Party 11Challenger
63Meers, Henry W JrHouse Republican Party 11Challenger
64Thomas, Juan Mr.House Democratic Party 11Challenger
65Hickey, JimHouse Democratic Party 11Challenger
66Harris, Diane MHouse Republican Party 11Challenger
67Cunningham, John A "jack"House Republican Party 11Challenger
68Footlik, Jay KHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
69Kalbfleisch, David JamesHouse GRE 10Challenger
70Friedman, Arie StephenHouse Republican Party 10Open Seat
71Sumption, Milton JHouse Democratic Party 10Open Seat
72Hamann, PaulHouse Republican Party 10Open Seat
73Dold, Robert James Mr JrHouse Republican Party 10Incumbent
74Coulson, ElizabethHouse Republican Party 10Open Seat
75Richardson, ElliotHouse Democratic Party 10Open Seat
76Kirk, Mark StevenHouse Republican Party 10Challenger
77Sheyman, IlyaHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
78Schneider, Bradley ScottHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
79Mckenzie, Robert AHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
80Bavda, VivekHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
81Rutagwibira, AloysHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
82Tree, John NHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
83Seals, Daniel JosephHouse Democratic Party 10Open Seat
84Ribeiro, SimonHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
85Atanus, SusanneHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
86Pollak, Joel BarryHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
87Younan, Michael BenjaminHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
88Schakowsky, Janice DHouse Democratic Party 9Incumbent
89Wolfe, Timothy CHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
90Wallace, S RonHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
91Morris, KirkHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
92Greenberg, Steven MathewHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
93Scheurer, RandiHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
94Mcsweeney, DavidHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
95Jacobs, Gregory SHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
96Dawson, JohnHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
97Walsh, JoeHouse Republican Party 8Incumbent
98Geissler, Christopher ToddHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
99Rodriguez, Maria DoloresHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
100Bean, Melissa LuburichHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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