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Political Candidates in Indiana

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of Indiana.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Knott, Greg SHouse Libertarian Party 9Challenger
2Bottorff, John RHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
3Hill, Baron PaulHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
4Young, Todd ChristopherHouse Republican Party 9Incumbent
5Tilford, John W.House Democratic Party 9Challenger
6Miller, John GriffinHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
7Yoder, ShelliHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
8Winningham, Robert RichardHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
9George, Jonathan DavidHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
10Schansberg, D (David) EricHouse Libertarian Party 9Challenger
11Gadau, BartHouse Libertarian Party 8Challenger
12Barnett , ThomasHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
13Hall, Garry LeeHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
14Scates, PatrickHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
15Crooks, David LHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
16White, Terry AHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
17Smith, John LeeHouse Republican Party 8Open Seat
18Van Haaften, William TrentHouse Democratic Party 8Open Seat
19Risk, Kristi MarieHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
20Cunningham, John WayneHouse Libertarian Party 8Open Seat
21Mahoney, Billy JosephHouse Republican Party 8Open Seat
22Bucshon, Larry DHouse Republican Party 8Incumbent
23Ellsworth, BradHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
24Shouse, Lawrence B (Larry)House Republican Party 7Challenger
25Ping, Catherine (Cat)House Republican Party 7Challenger
26Ledford, Larry LamontHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
27Shepard, Sean CHouse Independent 7Challenger
28Carson, AndreHouse Democratic Party 7Incumbent
29Elrod, Jonathan RobertHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
30Harmon, Wayne EHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
31Scott, Marvin BHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
32Ramirez, RafaelHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
33May, Carlos AndrewHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
34Sharp, JasonHouse Libertarian Party 7Challenger
35Wilcox, WoodrowHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
36Kern, Bob "citizen"House Democratic Party 7Challenger
37Davis, Steven AHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
38Frye, Timothy LeeHouse Independent 7Challenger
39Miniear, J DHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
40Duncan, Tony (Anthony) WHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
41Pullins, Pierre QuincyHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
42Carson, JuliaHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
43Ajabu, MmojaHouse Independent 7Challenger
44Bell, RexHouse Libertarian Party 6Open Seat
45Van Wye, Joseph S. SrHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
46Smith, Allen K.House Republican Party 6Open Seat
47Sizemore, JoeHouse Republican Party 6Open Seat
48Heitzman, Susan HallHouse Democratic Party 6Open Seat
49Bolling, Daniel WadeHouse Democratic Party 6Open Seat
50Bookout, Bradley THouse Democratic Party 6Open Seat
51Hatter, JohnHouse Republican Party 6Open Seat
52Crone, James AlanHouse Democratic Party 6Open Seat
53Siekman, Lane ArthurHouse Democratic Party 6Open Seat
54Bates, Don JrHouse Republican Party 6Open Seat
55Strittmatter, MattHouse Republican Party 6Open Seat
56Messer, Allen LucasHouse Republican Party 6Open Seat
57Hankins, TravisHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
58Pence, MikeHouse Republican Party 6Incumbent
59Holland, George ThomasHouse Democratic Party 6Open Seat
60Welsh, Revi Barry AlanHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
61Frazier, William GouldHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
62Mcvey, Brose AllenHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
63Ruley, Mary EttaHouse Democratic Party 5Challenger
64Mcgoff, John PHouse Republican Party 5Open Seat
65Reid, Richard AndrewHouse Libertarian Party 5Open Seat
66Murphy, Michael BHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
67Brizzi, Carl JHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
68Burton, Danny LHouse Republican Party 5Incumbent
69Salin, William "bill"House Republican Party 5Open Seat
70Mount, MatthewHouse Republican Party 5Open Seat
71Anderson, Jason PatrickHouse Republican Party 5Open Seat
72Seybold, Wayne WHouse Republican Party 5Open Seat
73Lugar, John R Jr (Jack)House Republican Party 5Challenger
74Reske, Scott EricHouse Democratic Party 5Open Seat
75Brooks, Susan Mrs.House Republican Party 5Open Seat
76Long, Tony AllenHouse Democratic Party 5Open Seat
77Mcintosh, David MartinHouse Republican Party 5Open Seat
78Buyer, Congressman SteveHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
79Bowman, Joe JonathanHouse Libertarian Party 4Challenger
80Nelson, Tara EHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
81Steffen , Phillip JHouse Republican Party 4Open Seat
82Seitz, MarkHouse Republican Party 4Open Seat
83Hass, James ThomasHouse Republican Party 4Open Seat
84Hershman, BrandtHouse Republican Party 4Open Seat
85Wathen, Eric LeeHouse Republican Party 4Open Seat
86Hight, Michael C (Mike)House NNE 4Open Seat
87Rokita, Theodore EdwardHouse Republican Party 4Incumbent
88Ackerson, NelsHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
89Young, R MichaelHouse Republican Party 4Open Seat
90Moore, Lester TerryHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
91Paasch, Brian Mr.House Republican Party 4Challenger
92Sanders, David AuramHouse Democratic Party 4Open Seat
93Hope, Stephen GregoryHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
94Montagano, Michael AnthonyHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
95Stutzman, Marlin AHouse Republican Party 3Incumbent
96Elijah, Terry RyanHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
97Borror, Randy LeeHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
98Thomas, Robert (Bob)House Republican Party 3Challenger
99Dickman, Gregory LeeHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
100Grubb, RachelHouse Republican Party 3Challenger

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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