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Political Candidates in Maryland

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of Maryland.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Waxman, Henry AHouse Democratic Party 33Incumbent
2Philips, Michael LeeHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
3Thomas, William VHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
4Grannis, Mark AndrewHouse Libertarian Party 8Challenger
5Thron, Christine ConnellHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
6Stern, Bruce LHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
7Marks, Meyer FHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
8Gluck , GeorgeHouse GRE 8Challenger
9Timmerman, KenHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
10Van Hollen, ChrisHouse Democratic Party 8Incumbent
11Skolnick, SheltonHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
12Barve, Kumar PHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
13English, GeorgeHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
14Alzona, GusHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
15Brookman, Robert HenryHouse Independent 7Challenger
16Kinsey, M. JustinHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
17Busch, Ty GlenHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
18Mirabile, Frank Charles JrHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
19Spencer, Scott JamesHouse Libertarian Party 7Challenger
20Smith, Charles UHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
21Velazquez, Nydia M.House Democratic Party 7Incumbent
22Lank, RickHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
23Taylor, Steven MichaelHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
24Clark, CaseyHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
25James, PeterHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
26Coblentz, Robert PhilipHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
27Afzali, KathyHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
28Little, Ronald ShervingtonHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
29Bailey, Charles BoileauHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
30Delaney, John KHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
31Brinkley, David RossHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
32Mooney, Alexander XavierHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
33Pooran, Milad LaliHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
34Trachtenberg, DuchyHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
35Garagiola, Robert JHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
36Wallace, David Drain IiHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
37Rippeon, Brandon OrmanHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
38Ficker, Robin K AHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
39Krysztoforski, JosephHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
40Moody, IanHouse NNE 5Challenger
41Hoyer, Steny HamiltonHouse Democratic Party 5Incumbent
42Vohra, ArvinHouse Libertarian Party 5Challenger
43Stinson, Jeremy RoyceHouse OTH 5Challenger
44Morton, GlennHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
45Hill, DavidHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
46O'Donnell, TonyHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
47Pendleton, Cathy JohnsonHouse Democratic Party 5Challenger
48Auerbach, Bob SHouse GRE 5Challenger
49Gall, Andrew CharlesHouse Democratic Party 5Challenger
50Lollar, Charles JHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
51Taylor, Herman Lee JrHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
52Broadus, RobertHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
53Jennings, Jason DonnellHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
54Rea, JohnHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
55Wynn, Albert RHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
56Shepherd, CharlesHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
57Loudon, Faith MHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
58Gearhart, RandyHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
59Garner, IanHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
60Holmes, GregoryHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
61Ivey, Glenn FrederickHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
62Mcdermott, George E.House Democratic Party 4Challenger
63Edwards, DonnaHouse Democratic Party 4Incumbent
64Girard, Armand F.House Republican Party 3Challenger
65Phelps, Draper S.House Republican Party 3Challenger
66Knowles, Eric DelanoHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
67Lockwood, David HamiltonHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
68Harris, Thomas E.House Republican Party 3Challenger
69Bartosz, Gregory AdamHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
70Wilhelm, JimHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
71Lareau, Alain Emile JrHouse Unknown 3Challenger
72Lawless, Benjamin LeviHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
73Sarbanes, John P. Mr.House Democratic Party 3Incumbent
74Atkins, RaymondHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
75Cardarelli, Marcelo GabrielHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
76Williams, DavidHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
77Bly, RayHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
78Impallaria, Richard KevinHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
79Degen , VladHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
80Jacobs, Nancy CampHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
81Smith, Larry MHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
82Bowen, Steven DuvallHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
83Ruppersberger, C.A. DutchHouse Democratic Party 2Incumbent
84Boardman, Christopher C.House Democratic Party 2Challenger
85Boda, Muir WayneHouse Libertarian Party 1Challenger
86Letke, KimHouse Democratic Party 1Challenger
87La Ferla, John James DrHouse Democratic Party 1Challenger
88Rosen, Wendy WHouse Democratic Party 1Challenger
89Wilson, Jack SrHouse Independent 1Challenger
90Fisher, Robert A JrHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
91Romblad, GradyHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
92Pipkin, E JHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
93Walter, John LeoHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
94Harris, Andrew PHouse Republican Party 1Incumbent
95Kratovil, Frank M Mr. JrHouse Democratic Party 1Challenger
96Sampson, Harry EdwardHouse Democratic Party 1Challenger
97Robinson, Christopher RHouse Democratic Party 1Challenger
98Vaughn, Corrogan RPresident Republican Party 0Open Seat
99Messiah, (Freddy Irwin Sitnick)President Republican Party 0Open Seat
100Zarwell, Eugene RobertPresident Republican Party 0Open Seat

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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