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Political Candidates in Michigan

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of Michigan.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Steele, Robert LHouse Republican Party 15Challenger
2Peters, GaryHouse Democratic Party 14Incumbent
3Hauler, John RaymondHouse Republican Party 14Challenger
4Waters, MaryHouse Democratic Party 14Challenger
5Ukrainec, Donald WilliamHouse Republican Party 14Challenger
6Costello, Robert KHouse Democratic Party 14Challenger
7Lawrence, Brenda LuienarHouse Democratic Party 14Challenger
8Sawicki, Harry T.House Republican Party 13Challenger
9Jackson, Shanelle MHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
10Goci, JohnHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
11Johnson, ThamarHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
12Anderson, Glenn StanfordHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
13Johnson, Bertram CourtneyHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
14Peterson, Heidi SooshaHouse Libertarian Party 13Challenger
15Brown, Vincent THouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
16Broad, John WHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
17Lemmons, LamarHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
18Plummer, Glenn RodneyHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
19Dillard, GodfreyHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
20Kilpatrick, Carolyn Ms.House Democratic Party 13Challenger
21Conyers, John Jr.House Democratic Party 13Incumbent
22Williams, JuliaHouse GRE 12Challenger
23Switalski, Michael NorbertHouse Democratic Party 12Challenger
24Kallgren, CynthiaHouse Republican Party 12Challenger
25Marcin, DanielHouse Democratic Party 12Challenger
26Jacobsen, Karen EHouse Republican Party 12Challenger
27Townsend, Lester I.House TX 12Challenger
28Mccotter, Thaddeus GHouse Republican Party 11Incumbent
29Curson, DavidHouse Democratic Party 11Open Seat
30King, SteveHouse Republican Party 11Open Seat
31Kavanagh, CarolynHouse Republican Party 11Open Seat
32Crider, KennethHouse Republican Party 11Open Seat
33Cassis, NancyHouse Republican Party 11Open Seat
34Roberts, William FHouse Democratic Party 11Open Seat
35Bentivolio, KerryHouse Republican Party 11Open Seat
36Kowall, Michael WHouse Republican Party 11Open Seat
37Taj, Syed DrHouse Democratic Party 11Open Seat
38Raczkowski, Andrew RockyHouse Republican Party 11Open Seat
39Mosher, NatalieHouse Democratic Party 11Challenger
40Spencer, Thomas KHouse Democratic Party 11Challenger
41Stadler, ChuckHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
42Quinn, Jerome GeorgeHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
43Yanez, HenryHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
44Cropsey, Alan LeeHouse Republican Party 10Challenger
45Miller, Candice S.House Republican Party 10Incumbent
46Knollenberg, Joseph KHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
47Levin, Sander M MrHouse Democratic Party 9Incumbent
48Volaric, Donald CecilHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
49Welday, Paul FHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
50Gray, RobertHouse Independent 9Challenger
51Dildilian, GregHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
52Fulner, Robert JamesHouse Libertarian Party 9Challenger
53Oneil, Allen James "aj"House Democratic Party 9Challenger
54Knollenberg, Martin JosephHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
55Brooks, Leon Preston JrHouse Independent 8Challenger
56Enderle, Lance LHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
57Rogers, Michael JHouse Republican Party 8Incumbent
58Hetrick, Brian ClintonHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
59Magdich, MichaelHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
60Molnar, VernonHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
61Merle, GregoryHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
62Davis, Danny EdwardHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
63Stahly, Michael AllenHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
64Rooney, Brian JohnHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
65Aughney, ScottHouse TX 7Challenger
66Schauer, Mark HamiltonHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
67Haskell, Kurt RichardHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
68Marquez, RubenHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
69Walberg, Timothy L. Hon.House Republican Party 7Incumbent
70Smith, Bradley LHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
71Campbell, DarylHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
72Waltz, John WHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
73Cooney, DonHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
74Hoogendyk, JackHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
75O'Brien, Michael DennisHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
76Upton, Frederick StephenHouse Republican Party 6Incumbent
77Kupiec, JohnHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
78Withers, Scott Livingston JrHouse Democratic Party 5Challenger
79Wilson, RickHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
80Putman, William E IiHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
81Kildee, Daniel THouse Democratic Party 5Open Seat
82Slezak, JamesHouse Republican Party 5Open Seat
83Wassa, Thomas StevenHouse Republican Party 5Open Seat
84Kildee, DaleHouse Democratic Party 5Incumbent
85Camp, David LeeHouse Republican Party 4Incumbent
86Concannon, Andrew DonnellyHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
87Wirth, Debra FreidellHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
88Gerrard, Theodore BrooksHouse OTH 3Open Seat
89Miles, Patrick A JrHouse Democratic Party 3Open Seat
90Johnson, Louise EHouse Republican Party 3Open Seat
91Hardiman, Clyde Preston (William)House Republican Party 3Open Seat
92Overbeek, Robert JohnHouse Republican Party 3Open Seat
93Heacock, Steven RHouse Republican Party 3Open Seat
94Amash, JustinHouse Republican Party 3Incumbent
95Van Kleeck, MichaelHouse Republican Party 3Open Seat
96Thomas, TrevorHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
97Pestka, SteveHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
98Ehlers, Vernon JHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
99Gurk, RodgerHouse GRE 3Challenger
100Larson, ChrisHouse Republican Party 2Open Seat

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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