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Political Candidates in Minnesota

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of Minnesota.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Clark, Tarryl LynnHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
2Oberstar, James LHouse DFL 8Challenger
3Fanning, Daniel MichaelHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
4Nolan, Richard MichaelHouse DFL 8Challenger
5Anderson, JeffHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
6Olson, Timothy LHouse IDP 8Challenger
7Cravaack, Raymond J Mr.House Republican Party 8Incumbent
8Waldorf, EugeneHouse Independent 7Challenger
9Byberg, LeeHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
10Hoffman, GretchenHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
11Peterson, Collin ClarkHouse DFL 7Incumbent
12Anderson, BobHouse OTH 6Challenger
13Immelman, AubreyHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
14Thompson, StephenHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
15Graves, James JosephHouse DFL 6Challenger
16Mcgoldrick, Brian JosephHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
17Nolan, Anne CHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
18Tinklenberg, Elwyn GlennHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
19Bachmann, MicheleHouse Republican Party 6Incumbent
20Reed, Maureen KennedyHouse DFL 6Challenger
21Cavlan, Michael JHouse OTH 5Challenger
22Demos, Joel AlexanderHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
23Torgerson, LynneHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
24Fields, ChrisHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
25Iverson, Gregg A.House DFL 5Challenger
26Ellison, Keith MauriceHouse Democratic Party 5Incumbent
27White, Barbara DavisHouse DFL 5Challenger
28Shepard, JackHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
29Matthews, Edward T.House Republican Party 4Challenger
30Stalboerger, BrianHouse DFL 4Challenger
31Seiford, RonHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
32Hernandez, Anthony JHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
33Flood, Daniel MHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
34Carlson, SteveHouse IDP 4Challenger
35Longrie, DianaHouse DFL 4Challenger
36Collett, Teresa StantonHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
37Lee, Bradford GeorgeHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
38Mccollum, BettyHouse DFL 4Incumbent
39Oleson, Jonathan EHouse Independent 3Challenger
40Meffert, James AHouse DFL 3Challenger
41Howard, John Whitman IiiHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
42Barnes, Brian PatrickHouse DFL 3Challenger
43Sund, Sharon RobersonHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
44Smith, KevinHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
45Madia, Jigar AshwinHouse DFL 3Open Seat
46Paulsen, ErikHouse Republican Party 3Incumbent
47Kline, John Paul JrHouse Republican Party 2Incumbent
48Luther, BillHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
49Indusogie, PeterHouse DFL 2Challenger
50Powers, Daniel KeithHouse DFL 2Challenger
51Gerson, David AdamHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
52Obermueller, Michael EHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
53Ganey, PatrickHouse DFL 2Challenger
54Gaylord, Kathleen AHouse DFL 2Challenger
55Madore, ShellyHouse DFL 2Challenger
56Mckinzie, Marion Frank IHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
57Wilson, Steven JohnHouse IDP 1Challenger
58Johnson, Lars AllenHouse NNE 1Challenger
59Hagedorn, JamesHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
60Quist, AllenHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
61Parry, MikeHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
62Demmer, Randy LeeHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
63Walz, Timothy J.House Democratic Party 1Incumbent
64Carney, BobSenate Republican Party 0Challenger
65Carlson, DavidSenate Republican Party 0Challenger
66Menze, Glenn R. AndersonSenate IDP 0Challenger
67Schuler, Andrew ThomasSenate OTH 0Challenger
68Bills, Kurt PatrickSenate Republican Party 0Challenger
69Hegseth, PeteSenate Republican Party 0Challenger
70Hernandez, Anthony JohnSenate Republican Party 0Challenger
71Arwood, Joe Edward IiiSenate Republican Party 0Open Seat
72Severson, Daniel Mark (Doc)Senate Republican Party 0Challenger
73Bachmann, MichelePresident Republican Party 0Challenger
74Morstad, DeanPresident Independent 0Challenger
75Jensen, Joseph Andrew ReverendPresident Independent 0Challenger
76Stevens, Mark SamuelPresident NNE 0Challenger
77Proud, Jeffrey DPresident Democratic Party 0Challenger
78Savior, OlePresident Republican Party 0Challenger
79Asser, Olivier Lodewijk FerdinandPresident OTH 0Open Seat
80Cavlan, Michael JamesSenate OTH 0Challenger
81Williams, StephenSenate IDP 0Challenger
82Stanton, DarrylSenate DFL 0Challenger
83Shudlick, HaroldSenate Republican Party 0Challenger
84Klobuchar, Amy JSenate Democratic Party 0Incumbent
85Davis, TimSenate OTH 0Challenger
86Franson, DickSenate DFL 0Challenger
87Bey, Nikolay NSenate Independent 0Challenger
88Barkely, Dean MalcolmSenate Independent 0Challenger
89Franken, AlSenate DFL 0Incumbent
90Miller, Thomas JosephPresident Republican Party 0Challenger
91Pawlenty, TimothyPresident Republican Party 0Challenger

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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