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Political Candidates in Missouri

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of Missouri.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Onder, Robert Frank JrHouse Republican Party 9Open Seat
2Gaw, Robert StevenHouse Democratic Party 9Open Seat
3Bode, LyndonHouse Democratic Party 9Open Seat
4Dwyer, Christopher WillaimHouse Libertarian Party 9Challenger
5Reed, Clifford JeffreyHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
6Rushin, Jack D, D CHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
7Mahn, ToddHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
8Emerson, JoannHouse Republican Party 8Incumbent
9Vandeven, RickHouse Libertarian Party 8Challenger
10Sowers, TommyHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
11Parker, BobHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
12Wardell, MichaelHouse Republican Party 7Open Seat
13Moore, Dean Richard JrHouse Independent 7Open Seat
14Davis, Timothy SeanHouse Democratic Party 7Open Seat
15Moon, C MichaelHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
16Moore, Darrell LeeHouse Republican Party 7Open Seat
17Long, BillyHouse Republican Party 7Incumbent
18Goodman, JackHouse Republican Party 7Open Seat
19Monroe, RichardHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
20Blunt, RoyHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
21Craig, KevinHouse Libertarian Party 7Challenger
22Stilson, Thomas ShaneHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
23Evans, James SHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
24Monchil, Russ LeeHouse Libertarian Party 6Challenger
25Gough, BobHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
26Hedge, W A (Bill)House Democratic Party 6Challenger
27Harris, Ronald WilliamHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
28Hunter, Stephen DHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
29Browning, David RHouse Libertarian Party 6Challenger
30Rinehart, CathyHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
31Yarber, KyleHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
32Ryan, ChristopherHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
33Rights, Theodore (Ted)House Democratic Party 6Challenger
34Hylton, ClintHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
35Graves, Samuel B 'sam'House Republican Party 6Incumbent
36Shawd, RonHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
37Greene, JasonHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
38Burris, Michael CraigHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
39Feagle, Andrew CharlesHouse Independent 5Challenger
40Nolte, GeraldHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
41Cleaver, Emanuel IiHouse Democratic Party 5Incumbent
42Langkraehr, Randall David (Randy)House Libertarian Party 5Challenger
43Turk, JacobHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
44Skelton, IkeHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
45Parnell, JeffreyHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
46Young, Herschel LHouse Libertarian Party 4Challenger
47Holbrook, ThomasHouse Libertarian Party 4Challenger
48Mowinski, BernieHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
49Hensley, TeresaHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
50Riley, BrianHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
51Cowan, GregoryHouse CON 4Challenger
52Stouffer, BillHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
53Hartzler, VickyHouse Republican Party 4Incumbent
54Luetkemeyer, W BlaineHouse Republican Party 3Incumbent
55Wallace, Russell EdwardHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
56Arnold, David JustusHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
57Martin, Edward RHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
58Mayer, Eric CHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
59Tucker, John WayneHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
60Wilson, StevenHouse Libertarian Party 3Challenger
61Morris, Patrick JHouse Republican Party 2Open Seat
62Baker, James OHouse Republican Party 2Open Seat
63Whitfield, Harold LHouse Democratic Party 2Open Seat
64Koenen, Glenn MichaelHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
65Jotte, Randall (Randy) StephenHouse Republican Party 2Open Seat
66Wagner, Ann LHouse Republican Party 2Open Seat
67Weber, George D.House Democratic Party 2Open Seat
68Karam, Charles GeorgeHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
69Haas, William CHouse Democratic Party 2Open Seat
70Slantz, BillHouse Libertarian Party 2Open Seat
71Zorikova, AnatolHouse CON 2Open Seat
72Lieber, Arthur HenryHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
73Akin, W ToddHouse Republican Party 2Incumbent
74Works, MarshallHouse Democratic Party 2Open Seat
75Baker, Martin DewayneHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
76Hamlin, Robyn LHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
77Britton, Candice LeeHouse Democratic Party 1Challenger
78Clay, William Lacy JrHouse Democratic Party 1Incumbent
79Carnahan, John RussellHouse Democratic Party 1Incumbent
80Cunningham, Robb E.House Libertarian Party 1Challenger
81Poole, RobertSenate Republican Party 0Challenger
82Sims, Paul DouglasPresident Republican Party 0Challenger
83Lester, Anne Therese (Vice Pres)President Independent 0Challenger
84Louthain, David AllenPresident Independent 0Challenger
85Roaseau, Ward DerekPresident Republican Party 0Challenger
86Praprotnik, Robert LPresident Republican Party 0Challenger
87Noble, SandraPresident NNE 0Open Seat
88Dykes, Lonnie EugenePresident NNE 0Challenger
89Patterson, Kenneth E MisterPresident Unknown 0Challenger
90Kimber, Thomas D "tom"President Republican Party 0Challenger
91Wiles, Virgil L RPresident Republican Party 0Open Seat
92Miles, Hubert Billy JrPresident NNE 0Open Seat
93Hughes, William CPresident Democratic Party 0Open Seat
94Teberg, Colin DavidPresident Unknown 0Challenger
95Hoinoski, Dale MichaelPresident Independent 0Challenger
96Clement, Douglas GeorgePresident Unknown 0Challenger
97Carnahan, RobinSenate Democratic Party 0Open Seat
98Bond, Christopher SSenate Republican Party 0Challenger
99Pflughaupt, Philipp GPresident Republican Party 0Challenger
100Nichols, Roger EugenePresident Republican Party 0Challenger

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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