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Political Candidates in Nevada

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of Nevada.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Cegavske, BarbaraHouse Republican Party 4Open Seat
2Schwartz, Daniel MarkHouse Republican Party 4Open Seat
3Horsford, Steven AlexzanderHouse Democratic Party 4Open Seat
4Wegner, KennethHouse Republican Party 4Open Seat
5Silvestri, Joseph P.House Libertarian Party 4Open Seat
6Fitzgibbons, FloydHouse IAP 4Open Seat
7Zeller, SidHouse Republican Party 4Open Seat
8Hill, KiranHouse Republican Party 4Open Seat
9Delarosa, MikeHouse Republican Party 4Open Seat
10Anderson, DianaHouse Republican Party 4Open Seat
11Tarkanian, DannyHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
12Leeds, Robert XHouse Republican Party 4Open Seat
13Lee, John JayHouse Democratic Party 4Open Seat
14Oceguera, JohnHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
15Nohrden, Steven PatrickHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
16Heck, JoeHouse Republican Party 3Incumbent
17Leutwyler, Brad LordHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
18Lauer, Robert LelieHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
19Dyer, Christopher AlanHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
20Phillips, Shanna SHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
21Nevenich, AnnaHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
22Michaels, BarryHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
23Sakura, GeraldHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
24Murphy, James Thomas SrHouse Independent 3Challenger
25Jones, TomHouse IAP 3Challenger
26Holder, Jesse JakeHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
27Frye, StephenHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
28Haning Ii, James FranklinHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
29Koepnick, SamuelHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
30Holland, ErikHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
31Haines, Michael LHouse Independent 2Challenger
32Lehmann, HelmuthHouse Independent 2Open Seat
33Fasano, TimothyHouse IAP 2Open Seat
34Franzman, BlakeHouse Democratic Party 2Open Seat
35Dehne, ChadHouse Democratic Party 2Open Seat
36Hudson, GregHouse Republican Party 2Open Seat
37Amodei, Mark EugeneHouse Republican Party 2Incumbent
38Thomas, GlennHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
39Angle, Sharron EHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
40Heller, DeanHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
41Voigts, Busch, JrHouse Republican Party 2Open Seat
42Telander, Phillip DHouse Republican Party 2Open Seat
43Orosco, Troy 'Gunny'House Republican Party 2Open Seat
44Miller, DanielHouse Republican Party 2Open Seat
45Kohn, James R 'Jim Bob'House Republican Party 2Open Seat
46Henderson, RyanHouse Republican Party 2Open Seat
47Graves, William RHouse Republican Party 2Open Seat
48Felton, GuyHouse Republican Party 2Open Seat
49Ricks, RexHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
50Maye, Jacques Clement JrHouse Democratic Party 2Open Seat
51Jones, ZachHouse Democratic Party 2Open Seat
52Gillum, R. J.House Democratic Party 2Open Seat
53Bay, George SHouse Democratic Party 2Open Seat
54Marshall, KateHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
55Lippold, KirkHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
56Brower, GregHouse Republican Party 2Open Seat
57Price, NancyHouse Democratic Party 2Open Seat
58Dehne, Denis 'sam'House Democratic Party 2Challenger
59Best, RussellHouse IAP 2Challenger
60Schofield, JackHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
61Flume, Charles William Sr.House Republican Party 1Challenger
62Fiore , Michele AnnHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
63Cunningham, David RossHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
64Tatner, Joseph LanceHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
65Lake, Craig O JrHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
66Vaughan, Stan BryanHouse IAP 1Open Seat
67Pojunis, William GHouse Libertarian Party 1Open Seat
68Peters, Herbert GlennHouse Republican Party 1Open Seat
69Guss, CharmaineHouse Republican Party 1Open Seat
70Edwards, ChristopherHouse Republican Party 1Open Seat
71Rodrigues, Miguel "mike"House Republican Party 1Open Seat
72Landsberger, Brian JHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
73Titus, DinaHouse Democratic Party 1Open Seat
74Berkley, ShelleyHouse Democratic Party 1Incumbent
75Amodei, Mark EugeneSenate Republican Party 0Challenger
76Wiley, MikeSenate Republican Party 0Challenger
77Tarkanian, DannySenate Republican Party 0Challenger
78Kozak, Charles ChuckSenate Republican Party 0Challenger
79Parson, BillySenate Republican Party 0Challenger
80Vanderbeek, David LorySenate IAP 0Challenger
81Price, NancySenate Democratic Party 0Challenger
82Macias, LouisSenate Democratic Party 0Challenger
83Leslie, Michael JSenate Democratic Party 0Challenger
84Charles, RichardSenate Republican Party 0Challenger
85Brown, SteveSenate Democratic Party 0Challenger
86Ellsworth, Barry ASenate Democratic Party 0Challenger
87Berkley, ShelleySenate Democratic Party 0Challenger
88Heller, DeanSenate Republican Party 0Incumbent
89Georgiou, ByronSenate Democratic Party 0Challenger
90Miller, MerlinPresident OTH 0Challenger
91Valentine, Melvin JrPresident OTH 0Challenger
92Lord-Leutwyler, Bradley KPresident NNE 0Open Seat
93Hinkle, Danny EugenePresident Independent 0Open Seat
94Barkdull, Terry LeePresident Unknown 0Open Seat
95White, Ruth BryantPresident Independent 0Open Seat
96Stand, Elm WPresident Democratic Party 0Challenger
97Kihuen, RubenHouse Democratic Party 0Challenger
98Hamilton, EdwardSenate Republican Party 0Challenger
99Reid, HarrySenate Democratic Party 0Incumbent
100Poliak, CarloSenate Republican Party 0Challenger

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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