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Political Candidates in New Mexico

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of New Mexico.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Byrd, Jefferson LeeHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
2Closson, Sean MichaelHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
3Newton, Frederick LHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
4Montoya, Gary VHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
5East, Daniel KHouse Republican Party 3Open Seat
6Lujan, BenHouse Democratic Party 3Incumbent
7Montoya, Harry BHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
8Wiviott, DonHouse Democratic Party 3Open Seat
9Mullins, Thomas EHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
10Sowards, Gregory EddieHouse Republican Party 2Open Seat
11Mckinnon, FrankHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
12Cervantes, JosephHouse Democratic Party 2Open Seat
13Teague, HarryHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
14Erhard, Evelyn MadridHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
15Pearce, SteveHouse Republican Party 2Incumbent
16Smith, John ArthurHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
17Smith, GaryHouse Republican Party 1Open Seat
18Arnold-Jones, Janice EHouse Republican Party 1Open Seat
19Chavez, MartyHouse Democratic Party 1Open Seat
20Griego, EricHouse Democratic Party 1Open Seat
21Lewis, DanHouse Republican Party 1Open Seat
22Vigil-Giron, Rebecca DHouse Democratic Party 1Open Seat
23Wolfe, Jessica LynnHouse Democratic Party 1Open Seat
24Pidcock, Robert LHouse Democratic Party 1Open Seat
25Call, JasonHouse Democratic Party 1Open Seat
26Grisham, MichelleHouse Democratic Party 1Open Seat
27Heinrich, MartinHouse Democratic Party 1Incumbent
28Barela, JonHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
29Woodruff, Alan PHouse GRE 1Challenger
30Wiford, Samuel Timothy IiPresident Independent 0Challenger
31Neumann, Rita NunezPresident Libertarian Party 0Challenger
32Aragon, David GPresident Republican Party 0Challenger
33Johnson, Gary EarlPresident Libertarian Party 0Challenger
34Pearce, SteveSenate Republican Party 0Open Seat
35Ham, Michael DrSenate Democratic Party 0Open Seat
36Barrie, Jon RossSenate Independent 0Open Seat
37Sanchez, JohnSenate Republican Party 0Open Seat
38Balderas, HectorSenate Democratic Party 0Open Seat
39Heinrich, Martin TrevorSenate Democratic Party 0Open Seat
40Sowards, GregSenate Republican Party 0Open Seat
41English, William (Bill) ScottSenate Republican Party 0Open Seat
42Bingaman, JeffSenate Democratic Party 0Incumbent
43Lehrman, R LelandSenate Democratic Party 0Open Seat
44Udall, TomSenate Democratic Party 0Incumbent
45Wilson, Heather ASenate Republican Party 0Open Seat
46Hannan, JimSenate Democratic Party 0Open Seat

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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