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Political Candidates in New York

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of New York.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Zeller, MatthewHouse Democratic Party 29Open Seat
2Massa, Eric JjHouse Democratic Party 29Challenger
3Lafalce, John JHouse Democratic Party 29Challenger
4Kolb, Brian MHouse Republican Party 29Challenger
5Rowland, Jill AnnHouse Republican Party 28Challenger
6Egriu, Emin EddieHouse Democratic Party 28Challenger
7Giuliano, Michael NeilHouse Republican Party 28Challenger
8Decker, Andrew MichaelHouse Republican Party 28Challenger
9Collins, Christopher CarlHouse Republican Party 27Challenger
10Shroeder, Harold WHouse CON 27Challenger
11Humiston, Daniel JHouse Republican Party 27Challenger
12Roberto, Leonard AHouse Republican Party 27Challenger
13Bellavia, David GregoryHouse Republican Party 27Challenger
14Hochul, Kathleen CourtneyHouse Democratic Party 27Incumbent
15Mchale, Michael JHouse Republican Party 27Challenger
16Thomas, Mark WHouse Democratic Party 27Challenger
17Lee, Christopher J.House Republican Party 26Challenger
18Powers, JonathanHouse Democratic Party 26Open Seat
19Konst, KathyHouse Democratic Party 26Open Seat
20Reynolds, Thomas MHouse Republican Party 26Challenger
21Corwin, JaneHouse Republican Party 26Open Seat
22Murphy, IanHouse GRN 26Open Seat
23Nixon, Dorollo JrHouse Republican Party 26Challenger
24Madigan, Michael HHouse Independent 26Challenger
25Davis, JackHouse Republican Party 26Open Seat
26Higgins, BrianHouse Democratic Party 26Incumbent
27Walsh, James THouse Republican Party 25Challenger
28Bertan, Paul BeersHouse Republican Party 25Challenger
29Romain, Marc AlanHouse Independent 25Challenger
30Murphy, Brianne-EliseHouse Democratic Party 25Challenger
31Brooks, MaggieHouse Republican Party 25Challenger
32Rosetti, ChristinaHouse OTH 25Open Seat
33Slaughter, Louise MHouse Democratic Party 25Incumbent
34Buerkle, Ann MarieHouse Republican Party 24Incumbent
35Rozum, UrsulaHouse GRN 24Challenger
36Maffei, Daniel Benjamin Mr.House Democratic Party 24Challenger
37Arcuri, Michael A.House Democratic Party 24Challenger
38Brody, StuartHouse Democratic Party 23Challenger
39Hoffman, Douglas L. Mr.House Republican Party 23Challenger
40Reed, Thomas W IiHouse Republican Party 23Incumbent
41Carciofolo, EricHouse Democratic Party 23Challenger
42Scozzafava, Dierdre KHouse Republican Party 23Challenger
43Mcgrath, BrianHouse Democratic Party 23Open Seat
44Shinagawa, NathanHouse OTH 23Open Seat
45Danks Burke, LeslieHouse Democratic Party 23Open Seat
46Dobson, Melissa KHouse Democratic Party 23Challenger
47Mchugh, John MHouse Republican Party 23Challenger
48Sandoval, Jesus RHouse Democratic Party 23Challenger
49Layman, Bruce EHouse Republican Party 22Challenger
50Phillips, George KHouse Republican Party 22Open Seat
51Lamb, DanHouse Democratic Party 22Open Seat
52Kicinski, Michael J SrHouse Republican Party 22Open Seat
53Engel, TomHouse Republican Party 22Open Seat
54Shahinfar, DariusHouse Democratic Party 21Open Seat
55Freeman, LesterHouse Democratic Party 21Open Seat
56Brooks, TraceyHouse Democratic Party 21Open Seat
57Danz, Theodore J JrHouse Republican Party 21Challenger
58Doheny, MatthewHouse Republican Party 21Challenger
59Owens, WilliamHouse Democratic Party 21Incumbent
60Greene, KellieHouse Republican Party 21Challenger
61Hassig, Donald LHouse GRE 21Challenger
62Sweeney, John E.House Republican Party 20Challenger
63Tonko, Paul DavidHouse Democratic Party 20Incumbent
64Goldup, Todd FrancisHouse Unknown 20Challenger
65Wager, Richard CHouse Republican Party 20Challenger
66Feiner, Paul JHouse Democratic Party 20Challenger
67Murphy, Scott MHouse Democratic Party 20Challenger
68Dieterich, Robert JHouse Republican Party 20Challenger
69Gillibrand, Kirsten Elizabeth Mrs.House Democratic Party 20Challenger
70Oros, GeorgeHouse Republican Party 19Challenger
71Lalor, Kieran MichaelHouse Republican Party 19Challenger
72Ball, Gregory RHouse Republican Party 19Challenger
73Di Carlo, Neil AnthonyHouse Republican Party 19Challenger
74Cavere, Kristia NataliaHouse Republican Party 19Challenger
75Gibson, Christopher PHouse Republican Party 19Incumbent
76Schreibman, Julian DHouse Democratic Party 19Challenger
77Hinchey, Maurice DHouse Democratic Party 19Incumbent
78Tyner, Joel CarltonHouse Democratic Party 19Challenger
79Hall, John JosephHouse Democratic Party 19Challenger
80Shuldiner, Benjamin OliverHouse Democratic Party 19Challenger
81Dioguardi, Joseph JHouse RTL 19Challenger
82Rosen, Mark LHouse Republican Party 18Challenger
83Hayworth, NanHouse Republican Party 18Incumbent
84Maloney, Sean PatrickHouse Democratic Party 18Open Seat
85Weissmann, LarryHouse OTH 18Challenger
86Moultrie, Anne JacobsHouse Democratic Party 18Challenger
87Becker, Richard HHouse Democratic Party 18Challenger
88Alexander, Matthew CliffordHouse Democratic Party 18Challenger
89Jackson, DuaneHouse Democratic Party 18Challenger
90Lowey, Nita MHouse Democratic Party 17Incumbent
91Kleinhandler, York JayHouse Republican Party 17Challenger
92Mele, AnthonyHouse Republican Party 17Challenger
93Carvin, JosephHouse Republican Party 17Challenger
94Russell, JimHouse Republican Party 17Challenger
95Johnson, David MHouse Democratic Party 16Challenger
96Mclaughlin, JosephHouse Republican Party 16Challenger
97Diaferia, Joseph PHouse GRE 16Challenger
98Grimaldi, Aniello A.M.House Democratic Party 16Challenger
99Serrano, Jose EHouse Democratic Party 15Incumbent
100Della Valle, FrankHouse Republican Party 15Challenger

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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