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Political Candidates in North Carolina

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of North Carolina.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Knight, Robert ChristopherHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
2Barnes, LindaHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
3Smith-Kearney, Vanessa McgeeHouse Democratic Party 13Open Seat
4Hardesty, James AnthonyHouse Independent 13Challenger
5Huffman, Daniel Baxter IiHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
6Reeves, Ralph Bernard IiiHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
7Randall, William Alfred Mr. IiHouse Republican Party 13Open Seat
8Johnson, Robert TaylorHouse Republican Party 13Open Seat
9Grant, Carolyn WHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
10Miller, Ralph Brad MrHouse Democratic Party 13Incumbent
11Holding, George E. B. Mr.House Republican Party 13Open Seat
12Coble, PaulHouse Republican Party 13Open Seat
13Holliday, Bernard AnselyHouse Democratic Party 13Open Seat
14Malone, CharlesHouse Democratic Party 13Open Seat
15Newton, Matthew DennisHouse Democratic Party 12Challenger
16Owens, Michael RHouse Republican Party 12Challenger
17Brosch, Jack WHouse Republican Party 12Challenger
18Watt, Melvin LHouse Democratic Party 12Incumbent
19Gillenwater, William Dean 'Doc'House Republican Party 12Challenger
20Cecil, Lon Vernon Mr.House Libertarian Party 12Challenger
21Patterson, VanceHouse Republican Party 11Open Seat
22Campbell, Charles Spencer JrHouse Republican Party 11Open Seat
23Hill, ThomasHouse Democratic Party 11Open Seat
24Howard, James JHouse Republican Party 11Challenger
25Miller, Jeffery LaneHouse Republican Party 11Challenger
26West, Kenneth DHouse Republican Party 11Open Seat
27Eichenbaum, Dan DrHouse Republican Party 11Open Seat
28Harris, Alice SusanHouse Republican Party 11Open Seat
29Rogers, HaydenHouse Democratic Party 11Open Seat
30Petrella, ChristopherHouse Republican Party 11Open Seat
31Wingfield, EthanHouse Republican Party 11Open Seat
32Meadows, Mark RHouse Republican Party 11Open Seat
33Hunt, Jeffrey PaulHouse Republican Party 11Open Seat
34Bothwell, CecilHouse Democratic Party 11Open Seat
35Shuler, Joseph HeathHouse Democratic Party 11Incumbent
36Peterson, DonaldHouse Republican Party 10Challenger
37Bellamy, Terry MHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
38Murphy, Timothy RichardHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
39Fortenberry, Kenneth HaleHouse Republican Party 10Challenger
40Wynn, Heath DouglasHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
41Boldon, David MichaelHouse Republican Party 10Challenger
42Gregory, Jeffrey DaleHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
43Ivester, SteveHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
44Greene, Bryan ElliotHouse Independent 10Challenger
45Mchenry, Patrick TimothyHouse Republican Party 10Incumbent
46Fischer, Anne Harriet NosworthyHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
47Keever, Patricia RHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
48Barry, Daniel BHouse Republican Party 9Open Seat
49Taylor, Harry AHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
50Doctor, Jeffrey JamesHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
51Campbell, CurtisHouse Libertarian Party 9Open Seat
52Lynch, RichardHouse Republican Party 9Open Seat
53Leonczyk, Kenneth George JrHouse Republican Party 9Open Seat
54Pittenger, Robert MHouse Republican Party 9Open Seat
55Dulin, Andy THouse Republican Party 9Open Seat
56Peacock, Edwin B IiiHouse Republican Party 9Open Seat
57Killian, Richard DanielHouse Republican Party 9Open Seat
58Pendergraph, JimHouse Republican Party 9Open Seat
59Gauthier, Jon EdwardHouse Republican Party 9Open Seat
60Roberts, JenniferHouse Democratic Party 9Open Seat
61Shaffer, Michael AlanHouse Republican Party 9Open Seat
62Steinberg, Michael DavidHouse Republican Party 9Open Seat
63Myrick, SueHouse Republican Party 9Incumbent
64Blue, AntonioHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
65Williams, Marcus WHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
66Steen, Fred Franklin IiiHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
67Hudson, Richard L. Jr.House Republican Party 8Challenger
68Whitley, John MatthewHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
69Shakir, Nancy F ClarkHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
70Johnson, Harold NelsonHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
71Palisin, Robert ErvinHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
72Jordan, Harold PHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
73Huddleston, Louis DouglassHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
74Zaccaro, Michael ClementHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
75Keadle, ScottHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
76Foreman, Todd MontgomeryHouse Unknown 8Challenger
77Robinson, Vernon Lucius IiiHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
78Kissell, Larry WHouse Democratic Party 8Incumbent
79Autry, JohnHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
80Rouzer, David Cheston Mr.House Republican Party 7Challenger
81Mcintyre, Mike Rep.House Democratic Party 7Incumbent
82Crow, Randolph WilsonHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
83Pantano, IlarioHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
84Wilkes, Timothy AlanHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
85Mangin, Jonathan DHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
86Yow, William A (Billy)House Republican Party 6Challenger
87Turner, Gregory Scott 'sam'House Democratic Party 6Challenger
88Taylor, James Edward IiHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
89Foriest, Anthony EHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
90Flynn, WilliamHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
91Coble, John HowardHouse Republican Party 6Incumbent
92Kennedy, William B JrHouse Democratic Party 5Challenger
93Peller, Bruce GHouse Democratic Party 5Challenger
94Motsinger, Elisabeth MarieHouse Democratic Party 5Challenger
95Johnson, Treva RenaHouse Democratic Party 5Challenger
96Foxx, VirginiaHouse Republican Party 5Incumbent
97Snyder, James E JrHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
98Sharpe, Roger DeanHouse Democratic Party 5Challenger
99Allen, James RobertHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
100Yopp, Everett Douglas JrHouse Republican Party 4Challenger

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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