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Political Candidates in Ohio

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of Ohio.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Carlisle, Patrick THouse Republican Party 18Challenger
2Dailey, Fred LeeHouse Republican Party 18Challenger
3Moll, Jeanette M MsHouse Republican Party 18Challenger
4Space, Zachary THouse Democratic Party 18Challenger
5Ney, Robert WHouse Republican Party 18Challenger
6Grassell, Duane VirgilHouse Republican Party 17Challenger
7Graham, James JHouse Republican Party 17Challenger
8Renacci, James BHouse Republican Party 16Incumbent
9Blevins, Jeffrey JHouse Libertarian Party 16Challenger
10Schiffer, Paul RaymondHouse Republican Party 16Challenger
11Schuring, KirkHouse Republican Party 16Open Seat
12Boccieri, John AHouse Democratic Party 16Challenger
13Sutton, Betty SHouse Democratic Party 16Incumbent
14Regula, RalphHouse Republican Party 16Challenger
15Noble, Mark MichaelHouse Libertarian Party 15Open Seat
16Stivers, Steve Mr.House Republican Party 15Incumbent
17Hubbard, Scott AlanHouse Independent 15Challenger
18Kammerer, William J.House Libertarian Party 15Challenger
19Chope, CharlesHouse Republican Party 15Challenger
20Wharton, Richard ScottHouse Democratic Party 15Challenger
21Lang, PatrickHouse Democratic Party 15Challenger
22Pryce, Deborah D.House Republican Party 15Challenger
23Mastromatteo, Elaine RHouse GRE 14Challenger
24Joyce, David PHouse Republican Party 14Challenger
25Robinson, Erik DonaldHouse Independent 14Challenger
26Macko, DavidHouse Libertarian Party 14Challenger
27O'Neill, William MichaelHouse Democratic Party 14Challenger
28Blanchard, Dale VirgilHouse Democratic Party 14Challenger
29Latourette, Steven CHouse Republican Party 14Incumbent
30Chestney, FrankHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
31Sharkey, Christopher ToddHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
32Ganley, Thomas DHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
33Wooden, Justin PaulHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
34Meade, Jason AshleyHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
35Meyer, Lisa RegulaHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
36Agana, Marisha GuzmanHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
37Cafaro, CapriHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
38Suwinski, Robert MHouse Independent 12Challenger
39Brooks, Paula LHouse Democratic Party 12Challenger
40Zukowski, Andrew GeorgeHouse Republican Party 12Challenger
41Tiberi, Patrick J.House Republican Party 12Incumbent
42Litt, DougHouse Democratic Party 12Challenger
43Dagres, Aaron JamesHouse Democratic Party 12Challenger
44Brown, Edward SHouse Democratic Party 12Challenger
45Yarbrough, William MayoHouse Republican Party 12Challenger
46Reese, JamesHouse Democratic Party 12Challenger
47Henley, Gerald CarverHouse Democratic Party 11Challenger
48Willis, Craig EHouse Unknown 11Open Seat
49Ryan, SeanHouse Democratic Party 11Open Seat
50Rives, FrankHouse Democratic Party 11Open Seat
51Powell, IsaacHouse Democratic Party 11Challenger
52Fudge, Marcia LHouse Democratic Party 11Incumbent
53Johnson, JeffreyHouse Democratic Party 11Open Seat
54Turner, NinaHouse Democratic Party 11Challenger
55Esrati, DavidHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
56O'Grady, Thomas EHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
57Palmer, RosemaryHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
58Neuhardt, Sharen SwartzHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
59Harlow, David ArthurHouse Libertarian Party 10Challenger
60Mcmasters, Thomas FHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
61Freeman, OliviaHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
62Anderson, John DavidHouse Republican Party 10Open Seat
63Corrigan, Peter JHouse Republican Party 10Challenger
64Kevesdy, Kenneth MarkHouse Independent 10Challenger
65Frost, RobertHouse Republican Party 10Challenger
66Guarente, Thomas AHouse Republican Party 10Challenger
67Breen, Edward FockeHouse Republican Party 10Open Seat
68Gardner, MichaelHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
69Steele, RyanHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
70Van Allen, L. MackHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
71Iott, Richard BradleyHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
72Kaptur, Marcy C Hon.House Democratic Party 9Incumbent
73Wurzelbacher, Samuel JosephHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
74Kraus, Steven WayneHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
75Veysey, Graham FordHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
76Stipe, Sean PHouse Libertarian Party 9Challenger
77Kucinich, Dennis JHouse Democratic Party 9Incumbent
78Coussoule, JustinHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
79Boehner, John AHouse Republican Party 8Incumbent
80Lewis, DavidHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
81Anderson, David JohnHouse Libertarian Party 7Challenger
82Howard, Dawnetta NHouse Democratic Party 7Open Seat
83Austria, Steve CHouse Republican Party 7Incumbent
84Woolever, F DavidHouse Democratic Party 7Open Seat
85Liggett, Hombre MichaelHouse Republican Party 7Open Seat
86Gibbs, BobHouse Republican Party 7Incumbent
87Barton, James JohnHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
88Kreemer, Chad AHouse Independent 7Challenger
89Mitchel, John RHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
90Hobson, David LeeHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
91Healy-Abrams, JoyceHouse Democratic Party 7Open Seat
92Conner, William R.House Democratic Party 7Challenger
93Cadle, Richard EHouse CST 6Challenger
94Johnson, BillHouse Republican Party 6Incumbent
95Mccusker, CoryHouse Libertarian Party 6Challenger
96Allen, Donald Kenneth DrHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
97Adulewicz, CasHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
98Taylor, Warren BruceHouse Independent 6Challenger
99Smith, VictorHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
100Strickland, TedHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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