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Political Candidates in Pennsylvania

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of Pennsylvania.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Monighan, Joshua AHouse Unknown 19Challenger
2Smeltzer, Michael EHouse Republican Party 19Challenger
3Sanders, Ryan ScottHouse Democratic Party 19Challenger
4Platts, Todd RHouse Republican Party 19Incumbent
5Maloney, EricHouse Republican Party 19Open Seat
6Dudding, Ralph WayneHouse Democratic Party 18Challenger
7Vecchio, ErinHouse Democratic Party 18Challenger
8Wholey, Daniel MatthewHouse Democratic Party 18Challenger
9Kennedy, Patrick MichaelHouse Democratic Party 18Challenger
10Connolly, Daniel CHouse Democratic Party 18Challenger
11Murphy, TimHouse Republican Party 18Incumbent
12Maggi, Lawrence OwenHouse Democratic Party 18Challenger
13Feinberg, EvanHouse Republican Party 18Challenger
14Holden, Timothy THouse Democratic Party 17Incumbent
15Dowford, Sheila ElizabethHouse Democratic Party 17Challenger
16Cartwright, Matthew AHouse Democratic Party 17Challenger
17Cummings, Laureen A.House Republican Party 17Challenger
18Ryan, Francis XHouse Republican Party 17Challenger
19Frank, Daniel RichardHouse CON 16Challenger
20Strader, AryannaHouse Democratic Party 16Challenger
21Pitts, Joseph R.House Republican Party 16Incumbent
22Murphy, John AndrewHouse Independent 16Challenger
23Herr, Lois KHouse Democratic Party 16Challenger
24Eaton, J JacksonHouse Democratic Party 15Challenger
25Daugherty, Richard DHouse Democratic Party 15Challenger
26Callahan, John BurkHouse Democratic Party 15Challenger
27Towne, JakeHouse Independent 15Challenger
28Dent, Charles W RepHouse Republican Party 15Incumbent
29Haluszczak, Melissa AnnHouse Republican Party 14Challenger
30Nolan, Joseph PHouse Republican Party 14Challenger
31Coyne, William JHouse Democratic Party 14Challenger
32Brooks, Janis C DrHouse Democratic Party 14Challenger
33Lessmann, Hans FHouse OTH 14Challenger
34Doyle, MikeHouse Democratic Party 14Incumbent
35Kleinman, Nathan IHouse Democratic Party 13Challenger
36Rooney, Joseph JamesHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
37Mcintyre, Charles LHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
38Adcock, Carson DeeHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
39Brown, Melissa MHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
40Quinter, Joshua CHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
41Dachowski, Damian DavidHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
42Bhakta, Raj PeterHouse Republican Party 13Challenger
43Schwartz, Allyson Y.House Democratic Party 13Incumbent
44Cernic, Ed JrHouse Democratic Party 12Open Seat
45Legarsky, Timothy MHouse Democratic Party 12Challenger
46Russell, WilliamHouse Republican Party 12Challenger
47Rothfus, Keith Mr.House Republican Party 12Challenger
48Critz, MarkHouse Democratic Party 12Incumbent
49Burns, Timothy RaymondHouse Republican Party 12Challenger
50Murtha, John P Mr.House Democratic Party 12Challenger
51Vinsko, BillHouse Democratic Party 11Challenger
52Barletta, LouHouse Republican Party 11Incumbent
53O'Brien, Corey DHouse Democratic Party 11Challenger
54Kanjorski, Paul E.House Democratic Party 11Challenger
55Stilp, GeneHouse Democratic Party 11Challenger
56Madeira, David JamesHouse Republican Party 10Challenger
57Solieri, Steven AHouse Republican Party 10Challenger
58Marino, Thomas AnthonyHouse Republican Party 10Incumbent
59Scollo, PhilipHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
60Mcdade, Joseph MHouse Republican Party 10Challenger
61Carney, Christopher PHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
62Sedlock, Adam C JrHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
63Schooley, TravisHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
64Ramsburg, KarenHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
65Shuster, William Mr.House Republican Party 9Incumbent
66Boockvar, KathrynHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
67Davidson, Steven RobertHouse Independent 8Challenger
68Carlineo, GloriaHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
69Jones, JamesHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
70Schott, JeffreyHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
71Malik, DeanHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
72Murphy, Patrick J.House Democratic Party 8Challenger
73Fitzpatrick, Michael G.House Republican Party 8Incumbent
74Schneller, James DHouse Unknown 7Open Seat
75Touey, Ellen TeresaHouse Democratic Party 7Open Seat
76Meehan, Patrick L. Mr. Jr.House Republican Party 7Incumbent
77Welch, Steven DHouse Republican Party 7Open Seat
78Badey, George J IiiHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
79Lentz, Bryan RoyHouse Democratic Party 7Open Seat
80Sestak, Joseph A. Jr.House Democratic Party 7Challenger
81Gerlach, JimHouse Republican Party 6Incumbent
82Sellers, Patrick HenryHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
83Gordon, Brian AHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
84Hufford, Walter RayHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
85Trivedi, MananHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
86Schroder, CurtHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
87Pike, Douglas ArthurHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
88Roggio, RobertHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
89Leibowitz, MikeHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
90Walker, Derek AHouse Republican Party 5Open Seat
91Thompson, GlennHouse Republican Party 5Incumbent
92Pipe, MichaelHouse Democratic Party 5Challenger
93Dumas, CharlesHouse Democratic Party 5Challenger
94Peterson, John Mr.House Republican Party 5Challenger
95Reilly, Christopher BHouse Republican Party 4Open Seat
96Vinsick, John StevenHouse Independent 4Challenger
97Swomley, Mark MHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
98Summers, Sean EHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
99Martin, Eric RobertHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
100Perkinson, Harry Ebiff JrHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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