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Political Candidates in Tennessee

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of Tennessee.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Saulsberry, Brian L.House Independent 9Challenger
2Joiner, Gregory M.House Independent 9Challenger
3Saulsberry, Brian L.House Independent 9Challenger
4Stooksberry, Rollin WilsonHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
5Hart, Tomeka RochelleHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
6Clark, DeweyHouse Independent 9Challenger
7Flinn, George S. Jr.House Republican Party 9Challenger
8Harrell, JamesHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
9Bergmann, CharlotteHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
10Millen, KevinHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
11Cohen, Stephen IraHouse Democratic Party 9Incumbent
12Rawles , Mark J.House Independent 8Challenger
13Taylor-Shelby, MaryHouse Independent 8Challenger
14Kirkland, RonaldHouse Republican Party 8Open Seat
15Herron, Roy BrasfieldHouse Democratic Party 8Open Seat
16Fincher, SteveHouse Republican Party 8Incumbent
17Janes, DonnHouse Republican Party 8Open Seat
18Steinfels, Craig RichardHouse Republican Party 8Open Seat
19Tanner, John S.House Democratic Party 8Challenger
20Justice, AnnetteHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
21Stoscheck, ChristaHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
22Dixon, Timothy DHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
23Bradley, WesHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
24Hart, JamesHouse Independent 8Challenger
25Blackburn, Marsha Mrs.House Republican Party 7Incumbent
26Switzer, Howard MichaelHouse GRE 7Challenger
27Ladner, Leonard (Larry) D.House Independent 7Challenger
28Akin, William RyanHouse Independent 7Challenger
29Amouzouvik, Credo ComlanHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
30Arnold, Jack ToddHouse Independent 7Challenger
31Kustoff, DavidHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
32Norris, MarkHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
33Leatherwood, Thomas F IiiHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
34Rabidoux, Greg Robert DrHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
35Hay, Tommy NHouse Independent 6Open Seat
36Barry , Henry ClayHouse Democratic Party 6Open Seat
37Gore, Brandon EricHouse Independent 6Open Seat
38Leming, Benjamin THouse Democratic Party 6Open Seat
39Carter, Brett RyanHouse Democratic Party 6Open Seat
40Erdel, George THouse Democratic Party 6Open Seat
41Black, Diane L Mrs.House Republican Party 6Incumbent
42Tracy, JimHouse Republican Party 6Open Seat
43Zelenik, Lou AnnHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
44Robinson, RachelHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
45Beasley, ScottHouse Independent 6Challenger
46Edmondson, Steven LawrenceHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
47Roberts, Kerry EvanHouse Republican Party 6Open Seat
48Gordon, BartHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
49Ries, BobHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
50Hartline, Jeffrey Alan AlanHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
51Miller, Jacqueline MarieHouse Independent 5Challenger
52Collings, Stephen WilliamHouse Libertarian Party 5Challenger
53Staats, Richard BradleyHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
54Smith , John (Big John)House Republican Party 5Challenger
55Jones, JustinHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
56Cooper, James H.S.House Democratic Party 5Incumbent
57Whitfield, James Gregory IiHouse Independent 5Challenger
58Tarum , Tracy C.House Republican Party 5Challenger
59Schwartz, BobHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
60Hall, DavidHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
61Finucane, Brendan E JrHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
62Kumar, Vijay AHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
63Miglietta, John PeterHouse GRN 5Challenger
64Donovan, John GerardHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
65Kovach, Thomas FHouse Independent 5Challenger
66Greenough, Kent CameronHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
67Lankford, Monty JoeHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
68Harwell, Ronald LeeHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
69Bailey, JackHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
70Desjarlais, Scott EugeneHouse Republican Party 4Incumbent
71Kelley , ShannonHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
72Stewart, Richard EricHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
73Strong, Donald WayneHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
74Davis, Lincoln EdwardHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
75Deniston , MatthewHouse Independent 3Challenger
76Bhalla, Ranjit (Ron)House Republican Party 3Challenger
77Mayfield, Charles Scott JrHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
78Headrick, Mary MargaretHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
79Taylor, William H IiHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
80Wamp, Thomas WestonHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
81Wamp, ZachHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
82Kyriakidis, Savas T.House Independent 3Open Seat
83Kernea, RickHouse Republican Party 3Open Seat
84Staton, Brent DavisHouse Democratic Party 3Open Seat
85Kiah, Morris Mo FHouse Independent 3Challenger
86Smith, Robin TuckerHouse Republican Party 3Open Seat
87Irion, Van RencelliereHouse Republican Party 3Open Seat
88Fleischmann, Charles JHouse Republican Party 3Incumbent
89Devol, MarkHouse Republican Party 3Open Seat
90Gobble, Timothy AHouse Republican Party 3Open Seat
91Duncan, John J Rep. Jr.House Republican Party 2Incumbent
92Brandon, StewartHouse Independent 2Challenger
93Leinwebeer, Joseph Jr.House Republican Party 2Challenger
94Ciparro, NickHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
95Goodale, Troy ChristopherHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
96Salyer, Michael D.House Independent 1Challenger
97Brackett, Karen SherryHouse Independent 1Challenger
98Woodruff, Alan PHouse Democratic Party 1Challenger
99Davis, DavidHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
100Roe, David Phillip Dr.House Republican Party 1Incumbent

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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