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Political Candidates in Texas

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of Texas.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Meyer, Charles B "chuck"House Republican Party 36Challenger
2Engstrand, JimHouse Republican Party 36Challenger
3Jackson, James MichaelHouse Republican Party 36Challenger
4Myers, Lois DicksonHouse Republican Party 36Open Seat
5Morrell, KimHouse Republican Party 36Open Seat
6Doyle, Jerry LHouse Republican Party 36Open Seat
7Takach, Stephen VincentHouse Republican Party 36Open Seat
8Griffin, Ky DouglasHouse Republican Party 36Open Seat
9Whitton, Daniel KeithHouse Republican Party 36Open Seat
10Wintill, Timothy MHouse Republican Party 36Open Seat
11Casey, KeithHouse Republican Party 36Challenger
12Stockman, SteveHouse Republican Party 36Challenger
13Narvaiz, SusanHouse Republican Party 35Challenger
14Romo, Sylvia SHouse Democratic Party 35Open Seat
15Alvarado, Maria LuisaHouse Democratic Party 35Open Seat
16Shearer, PatrickHouse Democratic Party 35Open Seat
17Yoggerst, Arthur John IiHouse Republican Party 35Open Seat
18Roark , Robby (Rob)House Republican Party 35Open Seat
19Doggett, LloydHouse Democratic Party 35Incumbent
20Puente Bradshaw, JessicaHouse Republican Party 34Challenger
21Villalobos, ArmandoHouse Democratic Party 34Challenger
22Saenz Blanchard, DeniseHouse Democratic Party 34Challenger
23Garza, Ramiro JrHouse Democratic Party 34Challenger
24Vela, Filemon Mr.House Democratic Party 34Challenger
25Aycock, Elmo M IiiHouse Democratic Party 34Challenger
26Roberts, Marvin KirbyHouse Republican Party 34Open Seat
27Garza, AdelaHouse Republican Party 34Open Seat
28Guerra, Juan AngelHouse Democratic Party 34Open Seat
29Haring, Paul B.House Republican Party 34Open Seat
30Stacy, John WilliamHouse Republican Party 33Challenger
31De Lapaz, David WilliamHouse Democratic Party 33Challenger
32Bradley, Charles WayneHouse Republican Party 33Open Seat
33Veasey, Marc AllisonHouse Democratic Party 33Open Seat
34Hicks, Erin KathleenHouse Democratic Party 33Open Seat
35Mitchell, Monte MarkHouse Republican Party 33Open Seat
36Lee, AlHouse Republican Party 33Open Seat
37Garcia, Domingo AlbertoHouse Democratic Party 33Open Seat
38Castaneda, ChrystaHouse Democratic Party 33Challenger
39Roberts, Jason EricHouse Democratic Party 33Open Seat
40Valdez, Manuel THouse Democratic Party 33Challenger
41Salazar, SteveHouse Democratic Party 33Challenger
42Molina, J. R.House Democratic Party 33Open Seat
43Tatum, Kyev P., Sr.House Democratic Party 33Open Seat
44King, CharlesHouse Republican Party 33Challenger
45Alameel, David Dr.House Democratic Party 33Challenger
46Quintanilla, Carlos JrHouse Democratic Party 33Challenger
47Love, Stephen LeroyHouse Democratic Party 32Challenger
48Smith, DavidHouse Republican Party 32Challenger
49Raggio, GrierHouse Democratic Party 32Challenger
50Hofheinz, Walter W.House Democratic Party 32Challenger
51Mcgovern, Katherine SaversHouse Democratic Party 32Challenger
52Hollist, Seth JewelHouse Libertarian Party 32Challenger
53Sessions, PeteHouse Republican Party 32Incumbent
54Wyman, StephenHouse Democratic Party 31Challenger
55Klingemann, EricHouse Republican Party 31Challenger
56Harrell, Mary BethHouse Democratic Party 31Challenger
57Goldstein, SheldonHouse Republican Party 30Challenger
58Broden, Stephen EdwardHouse Republican Party 30Challenger
59Clayton, TajHouse Democratic Party 30Challenger
60Washington, Travis JrHouse Republican Party 30Challenger
61Caraway, Barbara Len MalloryHouse Democratic Party 30Challenger
62Johnson, Eddie BerniceHouse Democratic Party 30Incumbent
63Morales, Rogelio 'Roy' JrHouse Republican Party 29Challenger
64Mazzapica, Frank '' Mazz''House Republican Party 29Challenger
65Green, Raymond E. 'Gene'House Democratic Party 29Incumbent
66Underwood, Bryan KeithHouse Republican Party 28Challenger
67Chavez, DanielHouse Republican Party 28Challenger
68Holloway, Charles DavidHouse Republican Party 28Challenger
69Cuellar, Henry R.House Democratic Party 28Incumbent
70Hayward, William RHouse Republican Party 28Challenger
71Raymond, Richard EdwardHouse Democratic Party 28Challenger
72Farenthold, Randolph BlakeHouse Republican Party 27Incumbent
73Duerr, James MatthewHouse Republican Party 27Challenger
74Ortiz, Solomon PHouse Democratic Party 27Challenger
75Chambless, Dallas RayHouse Republican Party 27Challenger
76Harrison, Rose MezaHouse Democratic Party 27Challenger
77Middlebrook, Donald AlfredHouse Republican Party 27Challenger
78Deleon, Donald RamonHouse Independent 27Challenger
79Mcdonald, RonnieHouse Democratic Party 27Challenger
80Trevino, Jerry JHouse Democratic Party 27Challenger
81Junaid, Murphy AladeHouse Democratic Party 27Challenger
82Roberts, TreyHouse Republican Party 27Challenger
83Baldwin, Willaim BretHouse Independent 27Challenger
84Faulk, William A JrHouse Republican Party 27Challenger
85Grunwald, JohnHouse Republican Party 27Open Seat
86Vaden, William RossHouse Republican Party 27Challenger
87Tracey, Donald LHouse NNE 26Challenger
88Durrance, Neil LHouse Democratic Party 26Challenger
89Burgess, Michael C. Dr.House Republican Party 26Incumbent
90Daniels, Tracy RaymondHouse Independent 26Challenger
91Sanchez, DavidHouse Democratic Party 26Challenger
92Morovich, George L.House Republican Party 25Challenger
93Campbell, Donna Dr.House Republican Party 25Challenger
94Williams, Michael LHouse Republican Party 25Challenger
95Williams, RogerHouse Republican Party 25Challenger
96Garrison, David HenryHouse Republican Party 25Challenger
97Matthews, BrianHouse Republican Party 25Challenger
98Wilbanks, ChadHouse Republican Party 25Challenger
99Pruyn, RalphHouse Republican Party 25Challenger
100Hewlett, Jack JustinHouse Republican Party 25Challenger

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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