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Political Candidates in US

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of US.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Davis, Susan AHouse Democratic Party 53Incumbent
2Popaditch, Nicholas AllenHouse Republican Party 53Challenger
3Weaver, Clarence MasonHouse Republican Party 53Challenger
4Friedman, MattHouse Republican Party 53Challenger
5Lutz, Raymond ClarkHouse Democratic Party 52Challenger
6Stahl, John KHouse Republican Party 52Challenger
7Saldana, LoriHouse Democratic Party 52Challenger
8Iverson, WayneHouse Republican Party 52Challenger
9Peters, ScottHouse Democratic Party 52Challenger
10Decourt-Park, ShirleyHouse Democratic Party 52Challenger
11Doyle, JackHouse Unknown 52Challenger
12Carswell, Gene HamiltonHouse Republican Party 52Challenger
13Subka, John L.House Republican Party 52Challenger
14Shehata, Ehab T.House NOP 52Challenger
15Bilbray, Brian PhillipHouse Republican Party 52Incumbent
16Watkins, Robert JHouse Republican Party 52Open Seat
17Vargas, Juan C.House Democratic Party 51Open Seat
18Filner, BobHouse Democratic Party 51Incumbent
19Ramirez, Daniel C.House Democratic Party 51Open Seat
20Ducheny, Denise MorenoHouse Democratic Party 51Open Seat
21Brooks, John L IiHouse Democratic Party 51Open Seat
22Gionis, XanthiHouse Republican Party 51Open Seat
23Portley, BernardHouse Republican Party 51Open Seat
24Joy, David LeeHouse Republican Party 51Challenger
25Crimmins, MichaelHouse Republican Party 51Open Seat
26Linnell, Terri RuthHouse Republican Party 50Challenger
27Benoit, MichaelHouse Libertarian Party 50Challenger
28Nascenzi, Robert AnthonyHouse Democratic Party 50Challenger
29Secor, David BHouse Democratic Party 50Challenger
30Busby, Francine PHouse Democratic Party 50Challenger
31Schechter, SteveHouse Democratic Party 50Challenger
32Hunter, Duncan D.House Republican Party 50Incumbent
33Frankowiak, ConnieHouse Democratic Party 50Challenger
34Powell, Mark EdwardHouse OTH 50Challenger
35Katz, Howard LouisHouse Democratic Party 49Challenger
36Tetalman, JerryHouse Democratic Party 49Challenger
37Eiden, Richard JohnHouse NOP 49Challenger
38Novinec, Albin DennisHouse NOP 49Challenger
39Issa, DarrellHouse Republican Party 49Incumbent
40Krom, BethHouse Democratic Party 48Challenger
41Munzing, Michael AndrewHouse Republican Party 48Challenger
42Varasteh, RonHouse Democratic Party 48Challenger
43Schlar, Alan MarkHouse OTH 48Challenger
44Packard, Ronald CHouse Republican Party 48Challenger
45Rohrabacher, DanaHouse Republican Party 48Incumbent
46Gilchrist, James WHouse CST 48Challenger
47Shah, Jayendra Arvindlal DrHouse Independent 47Challenger
48Mathews, E. PeterHouse Democratic Party 47Challenger
49Lowenthal, AlanHouse Democratic Party 47Challenger
50Coronado, AlexandriaHouse Republican Party 47Challenger
51Delong, GaryHouse Republican Party 47Challenger
52Kuykendall, Steven THouse Republican Party 47Challenger
53Edgar, TroyHouse Republican Party 47Challenger
54Foley, SteveHouse Republican Party 47Challenger
55Shah, Usha Jayendra MrsHouse Democratic Party 47Challenger
56Nguyen, Tan DHouse Republican Party 47Challenger
57Biedermann, Dina LouiseHouse Republican Party 47Challenger
58Kahn, Sanford WHouse Republican Party 47Challenger
59Avila, RosieHouse Republican Party 47Challenger
60Tran, VanHouse Republican Party 47Challenger
61Iglesias, Cecilia PatriciaHouse Independent 47Challenger
62Nguyen, Tan DHouse Republican Party 47Challenger
63Hayden, Gerard PHouse Republican Party 46Challenger
64Rocha, JorgeHouse Independent 46Challenger
65Cullum, John JHouse Republican Party 46Challenger
66Garcia, PatHouse Republican Party 46Challenger
67St John, Ronald RHouse Republican Party 46Challenger
68Sanchez, LorettaHouse Democratic Party 46Incumbent
69Lurie, BarakHouse Republican Party 46Challenger
70Arnold, KennethHouse Democratic Party 46Challenger
71Cotton, Stanley SHouse Democratic Party 45Challenger
72Webb, JohnHouse Republican Party 45Challenger
73Kang, SukheeHouse Democratic Party 45Challenger
74Bornstein, JulieHouse Democratic Party 45Challenger
75Campbell, John Bt IiiHouse Republican Party 45Incumbent
76Pougnet, Stephen PHouse Democratic Party 45Challenger
77Vandenberg, LouisHouse Democratic Party 44Challenger
78Hedrick, BillHouse Democratic Party 44Challenger
79Hahn, JaniceHouse Democratic Party 44Incumbent
80Richardson, LauraHouse Democratic Party 44Incumbent
81Riggs, Christopher ScottHouse Republican Party 44Challenger
82Flores, BobHouse Democratic Party 43Challenger
83Waters, MaxineHouse Democratic Party 43Incumbent
84Contreras, Louie AHouse Democratic Party 43Challenger
85Folkens, Scott LloydHouse Republican Party 43Challenger
86Calvert, Kenneth SHouse Republican Party 42Incumbent
87Johnson, Eva Christine DrHouse Republican Party 42Challenger
88Smith, Clifford JHouse Democratic Party 42Challenger
89Novak, CurtHouse OTH 42Challenger
90Shepston, Ronald W IiHouse Democratic Party 42Challenger
91Williamson, Michael DaleHouse Democratic Party 42Challenger
92Mcgroarty, LeeHouse Republican Party 42Challenger
93Lambert, MarkHouse Libertarian Party 42Challenger
94Thibodeau, ClaytonHouse Republican Party 42Challenger
95Nevenic, AnnaHouse Democratic Party 41Open Seat
96Sawyer, Vincent PeterHouse Republican Party 41Open Seat
97Takano, MarkHouse Democratic Party 41Open Seat
98Tavaglione, John FHouse Republican Party 41Open Seat
99Pearne, GeorgeHouse Republican Party 41Open Seat
100Lewis, JerryHouse Republican Party 41Incumbent

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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