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Political Candidates in Virginia

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of Virginia.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Vaughn, Kenneth LeeHouse Republican Party 11Challenger
2Connolly, GerryHouse Democratic Party 11Incumbent
3Byrne, Leslie LHouse Democratic Party 11Open Seat
4Fimian, Keith S.House Republican Party 11Challenger
5Dotson, David LHouse Libertarian Party 11Challenger
6Herrity, Patrick SHouse Republican Party 11Challenger
7Perkins, Christopher SHouse Republican Party 11Challenger
8Yeh, Steven Eng-MinHouse Republican Party 11Challenger
9Galdo, Joseph FHouse GRE 11Challenger
10Gibson, Mark TimothyHouse Independent 11Challenger
11Davis, Thomas M IiiHouse Republican Party 11Challenger
12Chisholm, James KevinHouse Independent 10Challenger
13Cabral, KristinHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
14Redpath, WilliamHouse Libertarian Party 10Challenger
15Barnett, Jeffery RobertHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
16Modica, JulienHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
17Findley, Dennis MichaelHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
18Anthony, RichardHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
19Lewis, Delmar PatrickHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
20Wolf, Frank RHouse Republican Party 10Incumbent
21Nigam, Neeraj CHouse Independent 10Challenger
22Egan, Jody LynnHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
23Griffith, H MorganHouse Republican Party 9Incumbent
24Heaton, Jeremiah DavidHouse Independent 9Challenger
25Flaccavento, Anthony JudeHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
26Boucher, Frederick CHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
27Howell, JasonHouse Independent 8Challenger
28Radle, Arthur Willard JrHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
29Shuttleworth, Bruce BowenHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
30Socci, LaurenceHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
31Mitchell, RonaldHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
32Moran, James P JrHouse Democratic Party 8Incumbent
33Murray, J PatrickHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
34Berry, Matthew B.House Republican Party 8Challenger
35O'Donoghue, ThomasHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
36Taylor, BrianHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
37Griffith, WilliamHouse Independent 7Challenger
38Waugh , Rickard Elian JrHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
39Bayne, FloydHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
40Cantor, Eric IvanHouse Republican Party 7Incumbent
41Phillips, James DixonHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
42Hunsicker, David EHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
43Powell, Ernest WayneHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
44Kwiatkowski, Karen UHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
45Schmookler, AndyHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
46Goodlatte, Robert WHouse Republican Party 6Incumbent
47Vanke, Jeffrey WHouse Independent 6Challenger
48Bain, Stuart MatthewHouse Libertarian Party 6Challenger
49Richardson, Drew CampbellHouse Democratic Party 6Challenger
50Douglass, John WadeHouse Democratic Party 5Challenger
51Perriello, Thomas Stuart PriceHouse Democratic Party 5Challenger
52Mckelvey, James KHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
53Ferrin, Ron LeeHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
54Hurt, RobertHouse Republican Party 5Incumbent
55Boyd, Kenneth CHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
56Mcpadden, MichaelHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
57Williams, Peyton Randolph JrHouse Democratic Party 5Challenger
58Goode, Virgil H. Jr.House Republican Party 5Challenger
59Elliott, Joe THouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
60Ward, Ella PHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
61Girard, Roberta Mae ("bonnie")House Republican Party 4Challenger
62Forbes, J RandyHouse Republican Party 4Incumbent
63Smith, ChuckHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
64Draper, Xavian LeighHouse Libertarian Party 3Challenger
65Longo, Dean JayHouse Republican Party 3Challenger
66Quigley, James JosephHouse Libertarian Party 3Challenger
67Scott, Robert CHouse Democratic Party 3Incumbent
68Golden, Kenneth EugeneHouse Independent 2Challenger
69Mizusawa, Bert KHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
70Taylor, Scott WHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
71Hutchison, Douglas AlexanderHouse Unknown 2Challenger
72Loyola, Benito Ben JrHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
73Rigell, Edward Scott Mr.House Republican Party 2Incumbent
74Hirschbiel, Paul Odell JrHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
75Mathis, Keith EdmondHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
76Nye, Glenn Carlyle IiiHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
77Ashe, David BenjaminHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
78Hatchett, Charles KendallHouse Democratic Party 1Challenger
79Robinson, Terrill ScottHouse Democratic Party 1Challenger
80Ball, Krystal MarieHouse Democratic Party 1Challenger
81Wright, Ishah LHouse OTH 1Open Seat
82Wittman, RobHouse Republican Party 1Incumbent
83Cook, AdamHouse Democratic Party 1Challenger
84O'Donnell, Shawn MichaelHouse Democratic Party 1Challenger
85Glean, Joseph AHouse NNE 0Challenger
86Kalk, BrianHouse Republican Party 0Open Seat
87Tittle, Sheila TellesPresident Republican Party 0Challenger
88Modglin, Terrence WayneSenate OTH 0Open Seat
89Stroupe, David Wayne JrSenate Independent 0Open Seat
90Lynch, CourtneySenate Democratic Party 0Open Seat
91Chisholm, James KevinSenate Independent 0Open Seat
92Jackson, Earl W SrSenate Republican Party 0Open Seat
93Donner, TimSenate Republican Party 0Open Seat
94Kaine, Timothy MichaelSenate Democratic Party 0Open Seat
95Lee, RobertSenate Independent 0Open Seat
96Mccormick, David MSenate Republican Party 0Open Seat
97Marshall, Robert GSenate Republican Party 0Open Seat
98Gilmore, James S (Jim) IiiSenate Republican Party 0Open Seat
99Modica, JulienSenate Democratic Party 0Open Seat
100Wright, IshahSenate OTH 0Open Seat

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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