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Political Candidates in Washington

The table lists all candidates who have either registered with the Federal Election Commission(FEC) or appeared on a ballot list prepared by state elections office of Washington.

Please click the name to view the basic information about the candidate, including name, address, state, district, registeration year, party affiliation and candidate stuatus(incumbent, challenger or open seat, as well as compaign fund summary.

1Hannon, SteveHouse OTH 10Challenger
2Ferguson, Jennifer HortenseHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
3Gunn, Susan HHouse Independent 10Challenger
4Flemming, Stanley L KHouse Republican Party 10Challenger
5Heck, DennisHouse Democratic Party 10Challenger
6Muri, Richard WHouse Republican Party 10Challenger
7Cramer, Thomas AHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
8Postma, James LeeHouse Republican Party 9Challenger
9Orlinski, Boleslaw (John)House Republican Party 9Challenger
10Christie, David PaulHouse Democratic Party 9Challenger
11Smith, D AdamHouse Democratic Party 9Incumbent
12Windle, James THouse Independent 8Challenger
13Swank, Keith RolandHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
14Porterfield, KarenHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
15Arnold, KeithHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
16Vaughn, James EdwinHouse Democratic Party 8Challenger
17Mardini, Caleb LoveHouse NNE 8Challenger
18Huber, ErnestHouse Republican Party 8Challenger
19Reichert, DaveHouse Republican Party 8Incumbent
20Bemis, Ronald SHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
21Allen, CharlesHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
22Arentz, Eric G. Jr.House OTH 7Challenger
23Nelson, GoodspaceguyHouse OTH 7Challenger
24Mcdermott, JamesHouse Democratic Party 7Incumbent
25Hughes, Andrew IfitsHouse Democratic Party 7Open Seat
26Sutherland, SHouse OTH 7Challenger
27Beren, SteveHouse Republican Party 7Challenger
28Rivers, Donovan DonHouse Democratic Party 7Challenger
29Brodhead, Stephan AndrewHouse Republican Party 6Challenger
30Young, Jesse LHouse Republican Party 6Open Seat
31Driscoll, BillHouse Republican Party 6Open Seat
32Eichner, David Michael " Ike"House Republican Party 6Open Seat
33Kilmer, DerekHouse Democratic Party 6Open Seat
34Sauerwein, Robert DaleHouse Republican Party 6Open Seat
35Dicks, Norman DHouse Democratic Party 6Incumbent
36Cloud, Douglas Richard Mr.House Republican Party 6Open Seat
37Cowan, RichHouse Democratic Party 5Challenger
38Yearout, RandallHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
39Erickson, KurtHouse Republican Party 5Challenger
40Foley, Thomas SHouse Democratic Party 5Challenger
41Rodgers, Cathy McmorrisHouse Republican Party 5Incumbent
42Yialelis, LelandHouse Independent 4Challenger
43Edwards, Mary RuthHouse CST 4Challenger
44Clough, Jerame VHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
45Hastings, DocHouse Republican Party 4Incumbent
46Wheeler, JamieHouse Republican Party 4Challenger
47Said, Mohammad H.House Democratic Party 4Challenger
48Baechler, MaryHouse Democratic Party 4Challenger
49Hedrick, David WilliamHouse Republican Party 3Open Seat
50Castillo, David BHouse Republican Party 3Open Seat
51Uelmen, ElizabethHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
52Uelmen, ElizabethHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
53Haugen, Jon THouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
54Stevens, Norma JeanHouse OTH 3Challenger
55Boyd, Christopher MychalHouse Republican Party 3Open Seat
56Rodriguez-Salazar, Maria DHouse Democratic Party 3Open Seat
57Herrera Beutler, JaimeHouse Republican Party 3Incumbent
58Wallace, Debbie DHouse Democratic Party 3Open Seat
59Frank, Richard JohnHouse Unknown 3Challenger
60Baird, Brian N.House Democratic Party 3Challenger
61Taylor, Robert StuartHouse Democratic Party 3Challenger
62Crist, Cheryl A.House Democratic Party 3Open Seat
63Schaffer, Douglas SHouse Independent 2Challenger
64Larsen, RickHouse Democratic Party 2Incumbent
65Lapointe, MikeHouse OTH 2Challenger
66Olson, EliHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
67Shoop, John C WHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
68Matthews, DanHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
69Mcginness, Diana BHouse Democratic Party 2Challenger
70Carmack, JohnHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
71Johnson, Glen S.House NNE 2Challenger
72Roulstone, Douglas RobertHouse Republican Party 2Challenger
73Inslee, Jay R Mr.House Democratic Party 1Incumbent
74Delbene, Suzan KHouse Democratic Party 1Open Seat
75Koster, JohnHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
76Anders, GregHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
77Champion, BobHouse IP 1Open Seat
78Gerdes, Steven J.House Republican Party 1Open Seat
79Sullivan, BrianHouse Democratic Party 1Open Seat
80Morrison, RuthHouse Democratic Party 1Open Seat
81Holcomb, Byron J.House Democratic Party 1Open Seat
82Berry, BrianHouse Democratic Party 1Open Seat
83Hobbs, SteveHouse Democratic Party 1Open Seat
84Liias, Marko MrHouse Democratic Party 1Open Seat
85Rauniyar, DarshanHouse Democratic Party 1Open Seat
86Schirle, David Denise DrHouse Independent 1Challenger
87Burke, MatthewHouse Republican Party 1Challenger
88Watkins, JamesHouse Republican Party 1Open Seat
89Ruderman, LauraHouse Democratic Party 1Open Seat
90Goodman, RogerHouse Democratic Party 1Open Seat
91Ishmael, Larry WayneHouse Independent 1Open Seat
92Burner, DarcyHouse Democratic Party 1Open Seat
93Brown, Gerard TPresident Independent 0Challenger
94Lopez, Christina (Vice Pres)President OTH 0Challenger
95Roth, Laurie JoannePresident Independent 0Challenger
96Sprankle, Keith RobertPresident Republican Party 0Open Seat
97Nolan, John StuartPresident NNE 0Open Seat
98Clayton, Todd Marvin JrPresident CST 0Challenger
99Cortney, Michael JamesPresident Independent 0Open Seat
100Arnold, Keith LPresident Democratic Party 0Open Seat

Note: Incumbent/challenger status is dynamic in the current election cycle and there may be delays in identifying districts that will involve open seats.

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