Who Pays for the Compaign?

Donna Edwards, Democratic Party
8904 Glen Lane, Fort Washington, MD 20744
Office District:House |Maryland|4|2012
Incumbent|Statutory candidate
Candidate Name:Donna Edwards
Candidate Status:Statutory candidate
Affilicated Party:Democratic Party
Primary Compaign Committee:Donna Edwards For Congress
Run for Office:House
Office State:Maryland
Office District:4
ICI Status:Incumbent
Address:8904 Glen Lane Fort Washington, MD 20744
Committee Party:Democratic Party
Last Update:Sep 2, 2012

Donna Edwards is a candidate of Democratic Party in Maryland. His or her mailing address is 8904 Glen Lane Fort Washington, MD 20744. His or her primary compaign committee is Donna Edwards For Congress. Donna Edwards is Statutory candidate. He or she is running for House in the 4th congressional district of Maryland in 2012. He or she is the Incumbent.

Top Committees: Committees(PAC) giving largest amount of compaign contribution to Donna Edwards

Candidate CommitteeTransactionsAmount
Donna Edwards For Congress208 $338,769
Edwards, Donna6 $12,500
Donna F. Edwards For Congress6 $7,500
Gregory, Keauna8 $3,737
U.S. Airways2 $729
Delta Air Lines, Inc.1 $465
Alamo Rent A Car1 $298
Priceline.Com1 $254
Chapman Cubine Adams & Hussey1 $43
Sierra Club,1 $10

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