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Kathleen Courtney Hochul, Democratic Party
Po Box 64, Buffalo, NY 14231
Office District:House |New York|27|2012
Incumbent|Statutory candidate
Candidate Name:Kathleen Courtney Hochul
Candidate Status:Statutory candidate
Affilicated Party:Democratic Party
Primary Compaign Committee:Kathy Hochul For Congress
Run for Office:House
Office State:New York
Office District:27
ICI Status:Incumbent
Address:Po Box 64 Buffalo, NY 14231
Committee Party:Democratic Party
Last Update:Sep 2, 2012

Kathleen Courtney Hochul is a candidate of Democratic Party in New York. His or her mailing address is Po Box 64 Buffalo, NY 14231. His or her primary compaign committee is Kathy Hochul For Congress. Kathleen Courtney Hochul is Statutory candidate. He or she is running for House in the 27th congressional district of New York in 2012. He or she is the Incumbent.

Top Committees: Committees(PAC) giving largest amount of compaign contribution to Kathleen Courtney Hochul

Candidate CommitteeTransactionsAmount
Kathy Hochul For Congress374 $720,371
Mentzer Media Services Inc.,1 $301,484
National Media Research Planning & Placement Llc2 $183,098
Berlin Rosen, Ltd,4 $150,000
Hochul, Kathleen Courtney12 $55,000
Global Strategy Group, Llc2 $35,750
Scott Howell And Company Lp,1 $21,740
Up Grade Films,1 $11,965
Capad Communications, Inc.2 $11,364
Walsworth, Brian1 $11,107
Metrics Media,1 $10,000
Hochul For Congress6 $9,500
Hochul, Kathy4 $9,000
Lakeview Research Partners,1 $8,375
Mclaughlin And Associates Inc,1 $7,500
Red Horse Strategies,1 $5,900
The Spoken Hub, Llc3 $5,334
Kathy Hochul For Congress Next Level Partners Attn: Jenny May1 $5,000
Planned Parenthood Action Fund1 $2,518
American Directions Group2 $2,100

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