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Thomas H. Massie, Republican Party
Po Box 1444, Florence, KY 41022
Office District:House |Kentucky|4|2012
Open Seat|Statutory candidate
Candidate Name:Thomas H. Massie
Candidate Status:Statutory candidate
Affilicated Party:Republican Party
Primary Compaign Committee:Thomas Massie For Congress
Run for Office:House
Office State:Kentucky
Office District:4
ICI Status:Open Seat
Address:Po Box 1444 Florence, KY 41022
Committee Party:Republican Party
Last Update:Sep 2, 2012

Thomas H. Massie is a candidate of Republican Party in Kentucky. His or her mailing address is Po Box 1444 Florence, KY 41022. His or her primary compaign committee is Thomas Massie For Congress. Thomas H. Massie is Statutory candidate. He or she is running for House in the 4th congressional district of Kentucky in 2012. He or she is the Open Seat.

Top Committees: Committees(PAC) giving largest amount of compaign contribution to Thomas H. Massie

Candidate CommitteeTransactionsAmount
Nebo Media,3 $561,104
Thomas Massie For Congress16 $59,500
Anthem Media, Inc.,1 $50,000
First Vote Strategies,4 $49,075
Kap Strategies,3 $39,431
Blue Grass Mailing Data And Fulfillment Services1 $19,291
Gpi Graphic Productions,1 $9,375
Action Solutions,1 $2,805
Big Eye Direct,1 $2,226
Club For Growth,6 $1,539
Usps,1 $1,030
Gun Owners Of America, Inc.1 $85

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