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Norma Jean Stevens, OTH
30512 Stackpole Lane, Ocean Park, WA 98640
Office District:House |Washington|3|2012
Challenger|Not yet a statutory candidate
Candidate Name:Norma Jean Stevens
Candidate Status:Not yet a statutory candidate
Affilicated Party:OTH
Primary Compaign Committee:
Run for Office:House
Office State:Washington
Office District:3
ICI Status:Challenger
Address:30512 Stackpole Lane Ocean Park, WA 98640
Committee Party:OTH
Last Update:Sep 2, 2012

Norma Jean Stevens is a candidate of OTH in Washington. His or her mailing address is 30512 Stackpole Lane Ocean Park, WA 98640. His or her primary compaign committee is . Norma Jean Stevens is Not yet a statutory candidate. He or she is running for House in the 3th congressional district of Washington in 2012. He or she is the Challenger.
Norma Jean Stevens has not reported any political contributions received from any political committees.

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