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Dan Liljenquist For Us Senate
10 West Broadway Suite 500, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Treasurer:Mike Mccauley
Committee Name:Dan Liljenquist For Us Senate
Treasurer:Mike Mccauley
Committee Designation:Principal campaign committee of a candidate
Committee Type:Senate
Address:10 West Broadway Suite 500
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Committee Party:Republican Party
Filing Frequency:Quarterly filer
Interest Group Category:
Connected Organization:
Last Update:Sep 2, 2012

Dan Liljenquist For Us Senate is Principal campaign committee of a candidate. Its party affiliation is Republican Party. Its treasurer is Mike Mccauley. Its financial statement filing frequency or status is Quarterly filer. The committee's mailing address is 10 West Broadway Suite 500 Salt Lake City, UT 84101. Its committee type is Senate: Campaign committee for candidate for Senate.

Top Contributors: Individuals making largest amount of compaign contribution to Dan Liljenquist For Us Senate

Pedersen, ToddOrem, UT Vivint Ceo/Vivint 2212012 $5,000
Gam, Kevin SLayton, UT Best Efforts 3082012 $5,000
Liljenquist, JohnIdaho Falls, ID Retired Retired/Retired 1232012 $5,000
Jarman, Sarah LSalt Lake City, UT Homemaker Homemaker 5292012 $5,000
Gam, TanyaLayton, UT Homemaker Homemaker/Homemaker 3082012 $5,000
Pedersen, AndreaOrem, UT Homemaker Homemaker/Homemaker 2212012 $5,000
Jarman, SarahSalt Lake City, UT Homemaker Homemaker/Homemaker 1182012 $5,000
Killpack, SheldonSyracuse, UT Manager Academica West/Manager 2062012 $5,000
Baugh, CaseyOrem, UT Sales Executive Vivint/Sales Executive 3092012 $5,000
Marshall, Preston LHouston, TX President Moropco/President 1302012 $5,000
Dunn, WilliamStuart, FL Best Efforts Best Efforts 6212012 $5,000
Duryea, B FBountiful, UT Best Efforts 2162012 $2,500
Arnold, JohnHouston, TX Investment Centaurus Energy Management/Investm 1162012 $2,500
Liljenquist, BlaineMyrtle Beach, SC Real Estate Development Plantation Resort/Real Estate Devel 1182012 $2,500
Spano, PeterDelray Beach, FL Retired Retired 6212012 $2,500
Bowers, GuyRuidoso, NM Best Efforts Best Efforts 6132012 $2,500
Heise, JillSpring, TX Business Owner Simplify Inc. 6212012 $2,500
Stiefel, Mary EPinecrest, FL Retired Retired 4222012 $2,500
Gerlach, VickiEagle Mountain, UT Homemaker Homemaker 5252012 $2,500
Leishman, Lowell LBountiful, UT Retired Retired 5072012 $2,500

Top Committees: Committees receiving largest amount of compaign contribution fromDan Liljenquist For Us Senate

Liljenquist, DanBountiful, UT 1042012 $300,000
Liljenquist, DanBountiful, UT 5252012 $100,000

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