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Democratic Party Of Virginia
1710 E Franklin St, Richmond, VA 23223
Treasurer:Barbara Klear
Dollars For Democrats |Party - Qualified|
Committee Name:Democratic Party Of Virginia
Treasurer:Barbara Klear
Committee Designation:Unauthorized
Committee Type:Party - Qualified
Address:1710 E Franklin St
Richmond, VA 23223
Committee Party:Democratic Party
Filing Frequency:Monthly filer
Interest Group Category:
Connected Organization:Dollars For Democrats
Last Update:Sep 2, 2012

Democratic Party Of Virginia is Unauthorized. Its party affiliation is Democratic Party. Its treasurer is Barbara Klear. Its financial statement filing frequency or status is Monthly filer. The committee's mailing address is 1710 E Franklin St Richmond, VA 23223. Its committee type is Party - Qualified: Party committees that have existed for at least six months and received contributions from 50 people or are affiliated with another party committee that meets these requirements.

Top Contributors: Individuals making largest amount of compaign contribution to Democratic Party Of Virginia

Fried, BarbaraCrozet, VA Chairman Emeritus Fried Companies 11042011 $10,000
Weschler, R. TedCharlottesville, VA Investment Manager Berkshire Hathaway/Investment Manag 3132012 $10,000
Erkiletian, Myron P.Alexandria, VA President Erkiletian Construction Corp. 6292011 $10,000
Duong, KimmyMc Lean, VA Director, Special Programs Pragmatics, Inc. 7312012 $10,000
Kunkel, NancyHenrico, VA Homemaker N/A 7112012 $10,000
Schenberg, TedCarmel, IN Ceo Eldorado Solutions/Ceo 3302012 $10,000
Roday, LisaHenrico, VA Executive March Of Dimes/Executive 3012012 $10,000
Fried, Barbara J.Crozet, VA Chairman Emeritus Fried Companies, Inc./Chairman Emer 3302012 $10,000
Schewel, Elliot S.Lynchburg, VA Retired N/A 6262012 $10,000
Brandt, JaniceGreat Falls, VA Vice-Chair/Chief Marketing Officer America Online/Time Warner 6222012 $10,000
Speck, David G.Alexandria, VA Investment Advisor Wheat First Butcher Singer 6132012 $10,000
Nguyen, Long T.Mclean, VA President Pragmatics, Inc. 2152012 $10,000
Marquez, DarioMclean, VA Chairman & Ceo Mvm Inc. 2082012 $10,000
Wolf, ThomasRichmond, VA Attorney Leclairryan 11292011 $10,000
Townsend, Charles C.Barrington, RI President Aloha Partners 9132011 $10,000
Matthews, Suzann W.Mclean, VA Retired N/A 1262011 $10,000
Oliver, DavidArlington, VA Executive Eads North America 2082012 $10,000
Daniel, JosephCulpeper, VA President Culpeper Wood Preserve 7272012 $10,000
Matthews, Suzann W.Mclean, VA Retired N/A/Retired 1102012 $10,000
Darden, Joshua P. Jr.Norfolk, VA President Darden Properties Inc. 6292012 $10,000

Top Candidates: Candidates receiving largest amount of compaign contribution fromDemocratic Party Of Virginia

Candidate CommitteeLocationDateAmount
Connolly For CongressMerrifield, VA 3282011 $4,000
Pingtone CommunicationsHerndon, VA 7052012 $193

Top Committees: Committees receiving largest amount of compaign contribution fromDemocratic Party Of Virginia

Democratic National CommitteeWashington, DC 7052012 $460,000
Democratic National CommitteeWashington, DC 7252012 $439,000
Democratic National CommitteeWashington, DC 6052012 $340,000
Democratic National CommitteeWashington, DC 6192012 $239,000
Democratic National CommitteeWashington, DC 3202012 $174,000
Democratic National CommitteeWashington, DC 6302012 $142,521
Democratic National CommitteeWashington, DC 2172012 $131,000
Democratic National CommitteeWashington, DC 3052012 $112,000
Democratic National CommitteeWashington, DC 1202012 $101,000
Democratic National CommitteeWashington, DC 1052012 $74,000

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