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Elisabeth Motsinger For Congress
1411 West First Street P. O. Box 25121, Winston-Salem, NC 27114-5121
Treasurer:Motsinger, John Kings Sr
Committee Name:Elisabeth Motsinger For Congress
Treasurer:Motsinger, John Kings Sr
Committee Designation:Principal campaign committee of a candidate
Committee Type:House
Address:1411 West First Street P. O. Box 25121
Winston-Salem, NC 27114-5121
Committee Party:Democratic Party
Filing Frequency:Quarterly filer
Interest Group Category:
Connected Organization:
Last Update:Sep 2, 2012

Elisabeth Motsinger For Congress is Principal campaign committee of a candidate. Its party affiliation is Democratic Party. Its treasurer is Motsinger, John Kings Sr. Its financial statement filing frequency or status is Quarterly filer. The committee's mailing address is 1411 West First Street P. O. Box 25121 Winston-Salem, NC 27114-5121. Its committee type is House: Campaign committees for candidates for the House of Representatives.

Top Contributors: Individuals making largest amount of compaign contribution to Elisabeth Motsinger For Congress

Morton, Catherine W WLinville, NC Director Of Mission Grandfather Mountain 3252012 $2,500
Tate, David KirkWinston Salem, NC Attorney Retired/Formerly Rjr/Attorney 1172012 $1,000
Grote, SusanWinston-Salem, NC Not Employed None 6062012 $1,000
Reynolds, W. NoahWinston Salem, NC Cpa, Mba Reynolds Family Office 6202012 $1,000
Hanes, James G IiiWinston Salem, NC Farmer Self/Farmer 11232011 $1,000
Seiffert, JoanDurham, NC Psychologist Self/Psychologist 12162011 $1,000
Ziel, CarolWinston Salem, NC Opthamologist Duke University/Opthamologist 3252012 $1,000
Johnson, David ALenexa, KS Minister Uu Fellowship Of Winston-Salem/Mini 1182012 $1,000
Sollenberger, MichaelWinston Salem, NC Physician Salem Center 3292012 $1,000
Johnston, BeverlyLewisville, NC Retired None 5032012 $1,000
Seiffert, JoanDurham, NC Psychologist Self 5082012 $1,000
Sykes, RoyWoodland Hills, CA Programmer Sykes Systems, Inc. 6082012 $1,000
Parrish, Carl FranklinWinston Salem, NC Information Requested Information Requested 6202012 $500
Crouch, FredWashington, DC Retired Teacher Pg County Public Schools Md 6172012 $500
Trujillo, JaimeClemmons, NC Information Requested Information Requested 6202012 $500
Tuch, Steve AClemmons, NC Business Owner Signs Now (Work With Inc) 4052012 $500
Toole, Patricia WWinston Salem, NC Retired None 4062012 $500
Celestino, Joan And ChipWinston-Salem, NC Teacher Physician Wsfcs Wfu 6142012 $500
Weston, Jonathan D M.D.Winston Salem, NC Self Physician/Self 3292012 $500
Motsinger, JaneState Road, NC Retired None 4022012 $500

Top Committees: Committees receiving largest amount of compaign contribution fromElisabeth Motsinger For Congress

North Carolina Democratic PartyRaleigh, NC 1272012 $80
Motsinger, ElisabethWalkertown, NC 1222012 $61
Motsinger, ElisabethWalkertown, NC 3062012 $28

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