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Howell For Senate
3686 Cove Point Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84109
Treasurer:Debra C Call
Committee Name:Howell For Senate
Treasurer:Debra C Call
Committee Designation:Principal campaign committee of a candidate
Committee Type:Senate
Address:3686 Cove Point Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84109
Committee Party:Democratic Party
Filing Frequency:Quarterly filer
Interest Group Category:
Connected Organization:
Last Update:Sep 2, 2012

Howell For Senate is Principal campaign committee of a candidate. Its party affiliation is Democratic Party. Its treasurer is Debra C Call. Its financial statement filing frequency or status is Quarterly filer. The committee's mailing address is 3686 Cove Point Drive Salt Lake City, UT 84109. Its committee type is Senate: Campaign committee for candidate for Senate.

Top Contributors: Individuals making largest amount of compaign contribution to Howell For Senate

Brieger, WilliamSacramento, CA Coo Sutter Health 4092012 $2,500
Skanchy, Tony LSandy, UT Orthodontist Altaview Orthodontics 3172012 $2,500
Skanchy, Heidi RSandy, UT N/A Homemaker 3172012 $2,500
Peterson, PamGranite Bay, CA President Peterson Auto Dealers 3222012 $2,500
Grow, Robert JSandy, UT Attorney Self 3172012 $2,500
Bangerter, Dee RMurray, UT President Utah Health Care Association 6262012 $2,500
Howell, KathrynSalt Lake City, UT Retired Retired 3222012 $2,500
Bastian, Bruce WOrem, UT Retired Retired 5262012 $2,500
Casey, PatrickSalt Lake City, UT Manager Marriott International 5032012 $2,500
Garbett, David TSalt Lake City, UT Real Estate Developer Self 4142012 $2,500
Steiner, Robert CSalt Lake City, UT President Also 4042012 $2,500
Harmon, MartineRocklin, CA Manager Western Care 5302012 $2,500
Leckman, LindaSalt Lake City, UT Physician Ihc 5122012 $2,500
Leckman, Scott ASalt Lake City, UT Surgeon St. Marks Hospital 4032012 $2,500
Menzies, James WEdmonds, WA Dentist Self 5082012 $2,500
Pitcher, KarinePark City, UT Homemaker None 5312012 $2,500
Menzies, Ruth TEdmonds, WA Homemaker None 5082012 $2,500
Lane, DixieSalt Lake City, UT Retired Retired 6292012 $2,500
Nelson, Matthew JSandy, UT Ceo Shurtleff Construction 3222012 $2,500
Nelson, Shanna SSandy, UT Homemaker N/A 3222012 $2,500
No candidates have received political contributions from Howell For Senate in current election year.

No committees have received political contributions from Howell For Senate in current election year.

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