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North Carolina Republican Party
1506 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC 27605
Treasurer:Dickson, H. Kenneth Jr.
The George Holding Victory Committee |Party - Qualified|
Committee Name:North Carolina Republican Party
Treasurer:Dickson, H. Kenneth Jr.
Committee Designation:Unauthorized
Committee Type:Party - Qualified
Address:1506 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC 27605
Committee Party:Republican Party
Filing Frequency:Monthly filer
Interest Group Category:
Connected Organization:The George Holding Victory Committee
Last Update:Sep 2, 2012

North Carolina Republican Party is Unauthorized. Its party affiliation is Republican Party. Its treasurer is Dickson, H. Kenneth Jr.. Its financial statement filing frequency or status is Monthly filer. The committee's mailing address is 1506 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, NC 27605. Its committee type is Party - Qualified: Party committees that have existed for at least six months and received contributions from 50 people or are affiliated with another party committee that meets these requirements.

Top Contributors: Individuals making largest amount of compaign contribution to North Carolina Republican Party

Pope, KatherineRaleigh, NC Retired Retired 7182012 $10,000
Thomas, RobertRaleigh, NC Retired Retired 3022012 $10,000
Boyd, ElbertRaleigh, NC President - Export Co. E. Boyd & Assoc. 3052012 $10,000
Hayes, RobertConcord, NC Owner Mt. Pleasant Hosiery Mills 3222012 $10,000
Budd, RichardWinston Salem, NC Investor Self 2062012 $10,000
Teague, ThomasWinston Salem, NC President Salem Leasing Corp 2202012 $10,000
Goodnight, JamesCary, NC President Sas Institute 12012011 $10,000
Luddy, RobertRaleigh, NC President Captive Aire Systems 1102011 $10,000
Phillips, S. DavisHigh Point, NC President & Ceo Phillips Industries 3232012 $10,000
Hodges, LutherChapel Hill, NC Investor Self 2222012 $10,000
West, CraigRaleigh, NC Business Owner Retired 7162012 $10,000
Graham, WilliamSalisbury, NC Lawyer Wallace & Graham 3302012 $10,000
Kennedy, KennethRaleigh, NC Ceo Electric Supply Co. 4182012 $8,000
Graham, WilliamSalisbury, NC Lawyer Wallace & Graham 9092011 $7,500
Hayes, RobertConcord, NC Owner Mt. Pleasant Hosiery Mills 3292011 $5,000
Pope, ArtRaleigh, NC Senior Executive Vp Variety Wholesalers 4062011 $5,000
Prak, RobinRaleigh, NC Attorney Self 4042012 $5,000
Hutchens, TerryFayetteville, NC Attorney Hutchens & Senter 2212011 $5,000
Hollister, RobertApex, NC Retired Retired 2232012 $5,000
Pope, ArtRaleigh, NC Senior Executive Vp Variety Wholesalers 12092011 $5,000

Top Committees: Committees receiving largest amount of compaign contribution fromNorth Carolina Republican Party

Republican National CommitteeWashington, DC 7022012 $346,200
Republican National CommitteeWashington, DC 7052012 $333,270
Republican National CommitteeWashington, DC 6012012 $122,500
Republican National CommitteeWashington, DC 6222012 $60,528
Republican National CommitteeWashington, DC 4052012 $45,000
Republican National CommitteeWashington, DC 5022012 $34,500
Republican National CommitteeWashington, DC 3262012 $22,010
The Freedom ProjectWashington, DC 1032012 $5,000
Koch Industries Inc PacWashington, DC 12202011 $5,000
The Richard Burr CommitteeWinston Salem, NC 4252011 $5,000

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