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Republican Party Of Minnesota
525 Park Street Suite 250, Saint Paul, MN 55103-2145
Treasurer:Bron Scherer
None |Party - Qualified|
Committee Name:Republican Party Of Minnesota
Treasurer:Bron Scherer
Committee Designation:Unauthorized
Committee Type:Party - Qualified
Address:525 Park Street Suite 250
Saint Paul, MN 55103-2145
Committee Party:Republican Party
Filing Frequency:Monthly filer
Interest Group Category:
Connected Organization:None
Last Update:Sep 2, 2012

Republican Party Of Minnesota is Unauthorized. Its party affiliation is Republican Party. Its treasurer is Bron Scherer. Its financial statement filing frequency or status is Monthly filer. The committee's mailing address is 525 Park Street Suite 250 Saint Paul, MN 55103-2145. Its committee type is Party - Qualified: Party committees that have existed for at least six months and received contributions from 50 people or are affiliated with another party committee that meets these requirements.

Top Contributors: Individuals making largest amount of compaign contribution to Republican Party Of Minnesota

Johnson, BettyPrinceton, NJ 2282011 $20,000
Cummins, RobertWayzata, MN President Primera Technology/President 4122011 $20,000
Schilling, HughRoseville, MN Ceo Horton Holding/Ceo 4112011 $10,000
Anderson, JanetNaples, FL Retired None/Retired 7192011 $10,000
Burwell, RodneyWayzata, MN Chairman Xerxes Corp 6192012 $10,000
Mark, BrianPlymouth, MN President Rollin B Child 7132012 $10,000
Seaton, HiloryMinneapolis, MN Attorney State Of Mn 7252012 $10,000
Macmillan, Whitney Sr.Wayzata, MN Retired None 6052012 $10,000
Macmillan, Whitney Jr.Minneapolis, MN Retired None 6062012 $10,000
Burwell, BarbaraWayzata, MN Ceo Xerxes Corp 6192012 $10,000
Anderson, GeorgeChamplin, MN Vice President Crown Iron Works 5302012 $10,000
Rosen, TomFairmont, MN President Rosen Diversified 5172012 $10,000
Hoffman, NormanWaconia, MN Chairman Technical Ordinance Inc 5182012 $10,000
Hamilton, HaroldMinneapolis, MN Retired None/Retired 3062012 $10,000
Frauenshuh, DavidEdina, MN Owner Frauenshuh Const/Owner 2292012 $10,000
Frauenshuh, SandraMinneapolis, MN Homemaker None/Homemaker 2292012 $10,000
Anderson, JanetNaples, FL Retired None/Retired 1032012 $10,000
Austin, WilliamEden Prairie, MN Ceo Starkey/Ceo 9292011 $10,000
Austin, TaniEden Prairie, MN Homemaker None/Homemaker 9292011 $10,000
Macmillan, WhitneyWayzata, MN Retired None/Retired 11302011 $10,000

Top Candidates: Candidates receiving largest amount of compaign contribution fromRepublican Party Of Minnesota

Candidate CommitteeLocationDateAmount
Byberg For CongressWillmar, MN 7312012 $12

Top Committees: Committees receiving largest amount of compaign contribution fromRepublican Party Of Minnesota

National Republican CongressionalWashington, DC 7252012 $45,000
National Republican CongressionalWashington, DC 6252012 $30,000
Republican National Committee - RncWashington, DC 1232012 $15,000
Mccain Victory 2008Alexandria, VA 1172012 $12,052
Friends Of Erik PaulsenEden Prairie, MN 11032011 $10,000
Kline For CongressBurnsville, MN 10312011 $10,000
Kurt Bills For Us SenateRosemount, MN 5152012 $7,418
Romney For President Inc.Boston, MA 3272012 $5,000
Cravaack For CongressNorth Branch, MN 11032011 $5,000
Michele PacWoodbury, MN 2172011 $5,000

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