Who Pays for the Compaign?

Shore Pac
P.O. Box 3157, Long Branch, NJ 07740
Treasurer:Warren B Goode
None |PAC - Qualified|
Committee Name:Shore Pac
Treasurer:Warren B Goode
Committee Designation:Leadership PAC
Committee Type:PAC - Qualified
Address:P.O. Box 3157
Long Branch, NJ 07740
Committee Party:Unknown
Filing Frequency:Monthly filer
Interest Group Category:
Connected Organization:None
Last Update:Sep 2, 2012

Shore Pac is Leadership PAC. Its party affiliation is Unknown. Its treasurer is Warren B Goode. Its financial statement filing frequency or status is Monthly filer. The committee's mailing address is P.O. Box 3157 Long Branch, NJ 07740. Its committee type is PAC - Qualified: PACs that have been in existence for six months and received contributions from 50 people and made contributions to five federal candidates.

Top Contributors: Individuals making largest amount of compaign contribution to Shore Pac

Top Candidates: Candidates receiving largest amount of compaign contribution fromShore Pac

Candidate CommitteeLocationDateAmount
Friends Of Lois CappsSanta Barbara, CA 12152011 $2,000
Garagiola For CongressGermantown, MD 12152011 $1,000
Weprin For CongressForest Hills, NY 9092011 $1,000
Shelley Adler For CongressMoorestown, NJ 3282012 $1,000
Chivukula For CongressSomerset, NJ 6012012 $500

Top Committees: Committees receiving largest amount of compaign contribution fromShore Pac

DcccWashington, DC 6262012 $10,000
DcccWashington, DC 11302011 $5,000
American College Of Cardiology PacWashington, DC 7292011 $5,000
Ibew CopeWashington, DC 7242012 $5,000
DcccWashington, DC 6302011 $5,000
DcccWashington, DC 3312012 $5,000
American College Of Radiology Association PacReston, VA 10192011 $5,000
Genentech Inc Pac (Genenpac)Washington, DC 9302011 $5,000
DcccWashington, DC 9302011 $5,000
Directv Group Inc Fund - Federal (Directv-Pac)Washington, DC 10182011 $2,500

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