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Worzala For Congress
Po Box 2073, Madison, WI 53701
Treasurer:Lisa Veldran
Committee Name:Worzala For Congress
Treasurer:Lisa Veldran
Committee Designation:Principal campaign committee of a candidate
Committee Type:House
Address:Po Box 2073
Madison, WI 53701
Committee Party:Democratic Party
Filing Frequency:Quarterly filer
Interest Group Category:
Connected Organization:
Last Update:Sep 2, 2012

Worzala For Congress is Principal campaign committee of a candidate. Its party affiliation is Democratic Party. Its treasurer is Lisa Veldran. Its financial statement filing frequency or status is Quarterly filer. The committee's mailing address is Po Box 2073 Madison, WI 53701. Its committee type is House: Campaign committees for candidates for the House of Representatives.

Top Contributors: Individuals making largest amount of compaign contribution to Worzala For Congress

Gruber, CynthiaConcord, MA None N/A 9162011 $2,500
Frank, ScottVerona, WI 5112012 $2,500
Gruber, CynthiaConcord, MA 5112012 $2,500
Gruber, KimberlyLexington, MA 5112012 $2,500
Gruber, MichaelLexington, MA 5112012 $2,500
Gruber, RubinConcord, MA 5112012 $2,500
Worzala, Elaine M.Clemson, SC 5112012 $2,500
Worzala, Mary E.Madison, WI 5112012 $2,500
Cantor, RobinBoulder, CO 5112012 $2,500
Kadow, JasonMiddleton, WI 5112012 $2,500
Sell, FaithRochester, MN 5112012 $2,500
Crean, ElizabethMadison, WI Residence Hall Director Lawrence University 12312011 $2,500
Kirsch, John KeatsTakoma Park, MD Computer Specialist Discovery Communications 12062011 $2,500
Feldman, Melissa RossNew York, NY Playwright Self 12272011 $2,500
Cantor, RobinBoulder, CO Program Administrator University Of Colorado At Boulder 10032011 $2,500
Worzala, Elaine M.Clemson, SC Professor Clemson University 10032011 $2,500
Worzala, Mary E.Madison, WI Director Of Energy Programs Academy For Educational Development 12182011 $2,500
Flanagan, DeniseArlington, VA Director Of Budget Department Of The Interior 12272011 $2,500
Worzala, MarcellaOregon, WI Occupational Therapist Madison Metropilitan School District 11112011 $2,500
Kadow, JasonMiddleton, WI Banker Mid America Banker 9262011 $2,500

Top Candidates: Candidates receiving largest amount of compaign contribution fromWorzala For Congress

Candidate CommitteeLocationDateAmount
Tammy Baldwin For SenateMilwaukee, WI 5112012 $4,000
Kind For CongressLa Crosse, WI 5112012 $2,500
Torres For CongressHarlingen, TX 5112012 $1,000

Top Committees: Committees receiving largest amount of compaign contribution fromWorzala For Congress

Worzala, DavidMadison, WI 12272011 $170,000
Worzala, DavidMadison, WI 6292012 $108,365
Worzala, DavidMadison, WI 3302012 $100,000
Worzala, DavidMadison, WI 5192012 $100,000
Worzala, DavidMadison, WI 6292012 $61,634
Democratic Party Of WisconsinMadison, WI 5142012 $25,000
Worzala, DavidMadison, WI 5142012 $20,000
Worzala, DavidMadison, WI 5192012 $8,000
Tammy Baldwin For SenateMilwaukee, WI 5112012 $4,000
Kind For CongressLa Crosse, WI 5112012 $2,500

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